Meet the 2020 IDA Awards Finalists…

By Erin Reyes, IDA Communications Coordinator

The International Detailing Association (IDA) has developed an awards program to recognize deserving individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the detailing profession and live up to the ideals indicated in the IDA Code of Ethics. 

In October, the IDA sought nominations from the public for the IDA Awards celebrating the best detailer, detail shop, mobile detailer and detail supplier of the year.  The awards are open to both IDA members and non-embers.  Below are the top- hree finalists in each category. 

After a public vote—open until December 26, 2019—winners will be announced at the IDA Annual Business Meeting and Awards Presentation, to be held on Friday, January 31, 2020 at Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando, Florida.

(Note: Company descriptions and achievements were submitted as part of the nomination process.  They have been edited for length and clarity.)

2020 IDA Detailer of the Year

This award is presented to a detailing technician who has been nominated for demonstrating superior knowledge, technical skill and professionalism.

Claude Harris, Jr., CD

Final Appearance Auto Detailing

Santa Fe Springs, CaliforniaClaude Harris, CD, is the owner-operator of Final Appearance Auto Detailing, which has been serving the Los Angeles and Orange County area since 1992.  Claude is an IDA Certified Detailer with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.  He is a self-proclaimed “car guy at heart,” which inspired him to be so passionate about transforming automobiles into “rolling works of art.”  He makes sure to treat every vehicle with the highest level of care and quality.  Throughout his career, he has continued to move himself and the industry forward, and he believes strongly in the value of education and remaining teachable.  He is always respectful and professional and takes the time to mentor both inside and outside of the detailing industry.

Patrick Schacht

Pristine Mobile Detailing

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Patrick Schacht is a well-rounded detailing professional—he’s able to sell, pick up the buffer, run the window and explain the process to customers.  He has a way with people and people just gravitate to him.  He’s mentally strong and has devoted a lot of time to his community.  Patrick started a mentoring program through his business, where he hires two high school candidates who come from a troubling past, teaches them about owning a business, how to polish, buff and do paint corrections all while building confidence in these kids.  He strives to be excellent in all that he does, regardless of the situation.  He’s also a certified instructor, which gives him the upper hand in teaching staff and, while attending other courses, he helps when called upon.  He also volunteers as a firefighter/EMT in the community, serves in the Air National Guard and donates to multiple foundations every year.

William Secco, CD-SV

Fresh Start Detail Co.

Beaverton, Oregon

William Secco, CD-SV, has an extraordinary commitment to the car detailing industry.  He even took a pay cut to leave his old profession so he could pursue what he truly loves, car detailing.  Billy eagerly accepted the challenge of becoming IDA Certified and Skills Validated, and he did so in short order.  He can handle any detailing problem thrown his way, from wet/dry sanding, perfecting black paint, removing stains from carpets, calling clients to clarify any problems found while working on their car, and any other nuanced detailing problem that pops up.  He can run all aspects of the retail detail shop, including answering phones, giving quotes, scheduling the work, managing all the other detail techs’ schedules, ordering products and maintaining equipment.  The true value of Billy, however, is his eagerness to better himself as a detailer, as an employee, as a husband and father, and most importantly as a leader.  Billy is the ultimate team player and leader whose love of detailing is apparent in every aspect of his life.  He is very agreeable to work with and gets along with everyone in the business.

2020 IDA Detail Shop of the Year

This award is presented to a detailing shop that has been nominated for operating an outstanding facility (fixed-location only; no mobile detailing units).

Automotive Aesthetic

Daniel Wendell

Charlottesville, Virginia

Automotive Aesthetic is a small, privately owned and operated detailing company focused on providing customers with premier car care.  Owner Daniel Wendell has been providing detailing services since 2003.  He has assembled a team of detailers who not only offer top-notch services, but also prioritize honesty and education above all else.  Treating each vehicle individually and with utmost care and attention, Automotive Aesthetic operates under an understanding that each car is an investment.  Their priority is chiefly with satisfying the client, ensuring the utmost care and full attention to every project they undertake.  Moreover, Daniel has acted as a mentor, providing his fellow detailers with extensive training, kindness, respect and friendship.

Detail Lex

Daryl Lyons, CD-SV

Lexington, Kentucky

Detail Lex is far more than a detail shop.  Owner Daryl Lyons, CD-SV, owns and manages eight full time staff (including six CD-SV employees) with more than 75 years of combined experience and a shared passion for cars and customer service.  Daryl put on the first Southern Detailers Conference involving 10-plus chemical manufacturers working together and one-on-one with detailers from across the country.  He plans on holding the second annual conference at the local convention center later in 2020.  Daryl currently serves on two different IDA committees and plans on growing within the IDA.  Detail Lex also supports several local charities and sponsors events, giving back to his local community.  The team consistently goes above and beyond for their customers, employees and the community in which they operate.  They customize packages to meet all the needs and wants a customer has.  They truly make you part of the Detail Lex family!

Eight O Five Detail Shop

Oscar Hernandez, CD-SV

Ventura, California

At Eight O Five Detail Shop, the team’s mission is to provide a genuinely pleasant and satisfying car detail experience to each customer, while being as environmentally friendly as possible with an emphasis on waterless wash, steam cleaning and using biodegradable products.  Their goal is to develop a trusting relationship with their customers, defined by honesty, integrity and fairness, while preserving water and using green products.  Owner Oscar Hernandez, CD-SV, is very dedicated to his customers and his community, and he is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.  He is very involved with Ventura’s Chamber of Commerce and hosts car shows to benefit many causes, including autism and veterans.  He has shown his support of the IDA by hosting and attending Meet and Greets to bring the detailing community together.  Oscar vigilantly provides high-quality service to his community and customers.

2020 IDA Mobile Detailer of the Year

This award is presented to a mobile detailing professional who has been nominated as having an outstanding operation (open to both shops with mobile units and to solely mobile detail operations).

Miami Luxe Detailing

William Lara

Doral, Florida

Miami Luxe Detailing is fully mobile and has all the right tools, resources and expertise to provide customers with expert detailing services at their convenience.  Their number one goal is to provide nothing less than the best in detailing with industry-leading customer service, products and constant innovation, while creating an unforgettable detailing experience.  Over the years, the business has grown purely from word of mouth due to the team’s passion, extensive industry knowledge and second-to-none customer service.  Founder William Lara is a true professional who always goes out of his way to help others in the industry.  When it comes to mobile detailing, William provides customers nothing but the best and does it with integrity and honesty.

Pro & Local Detailing

Paul Frasco, CD-SV

Westfield, Massachusetts

Paul Frasco, CD-SV, started Pro & Local Detailing out of the back of a Hyundai Accent.  In a few short years, he has grown to having multiple vans that service southern Massachusetts and parts of Connecticut.  He is a three-time member of the Air Force One detail team and a part of the McCall detail team.  He has hosted many charity events, including an annual car show that benefits the Holyoke Soldiers Home, and an annual car wash for the Children’s Miracle Network.  He also organized a professional detail team to volunteer at the New England Air Museum.  He is currently an IDA Certified Detailer-Skills Validated, with interest in one day becoming an IDA Recognized Trainer.  The Pro & Local Detailing team has won multiple awards from the Better Business Bureau for excellent customer service and community involvement.  Paul is well respected by his customers, his employees and the detail industry as a whole.

Xtreme Detailing

Kyle Clark, CD-SV

Fontana, California

Kyle Clark, CD-SV, is the owner of Xtreme Detailing.  He has perfected his craft by offering quality mobile detail services throughout Southern California.  He is 100 percent dedicated to his family, business, customers and staff.  He utilizes the latest in equipment, chemicals and processes to properly service his customer base.  One of the most unique aspects of his business is the “extremes” to which he goes to provide customers with the most cutting-edge automotive technology.  Not only does he meet or exceed the needs of his clients, but he also complies with all the regulatory issues associated with operating a mobile detail business in California.  Along with everything listed above, he is proud to mentor other detailers.  He is a member of the Air Force One Detailing Team, and he has served as chair of the IDA Certification Committee for the last two years.

2020 IDA Supplier of the Year

This award is presented to a product or service supplier that has been nominated for making a significant contribution to the detailing industry and maintaining a superior reputation within the industry.

Detailers Dictionary

Chris Evans, CD-SV

Franklin, Ohio

Chris Evans, CD-SV, is a detailing professional with more than three decades of experience in the field.  Throughout his career, he has gained an extensive knowledge of the detailing industry, which he is now sharing with fellow detailing professionals in his new book, “Detailers Dictionary,” published this year.  The book is written both for enthusiasts who are into part-time detailing and professionals who are looking to take their detailing to the next level.  One of Chris’s primary goals is to educate his fellow detailers—he always teaches at every chance he gets.  He has also brought awareness to the detailing industry by doing interviews and writing articles.  His entire life revolves around detailing and he has a true passion for it.

Professional Detailing Products

Michael Dickson, CD-SV, RT

Canton, Ohio

PDP not only provides fantastic products, tools and services, but also a true relationship and partnership with detailing shops.  The team always goes out of their way to make sure they provide their clients with A+ service.  They consistently come out with new products of their own and also promote other companies’ products to their customers.  PDP is what their name says—professional.  They are professionals and supply to professionals.  PDP shows you the proper way to use their products and assists in tackling a specific job.  They also hold yearly expos where they release new products, and. at these seminars, they have sessions to educate detailers on topics such as efficiency, keeping up with your client list/CRM, tackling difficult stains, etc.  They care about relationships and partnerships.  When you work with PDP, you don’t just buy something off a website, you know who you’re buying it from.

Superior Image Car Care

Ted Hill, CD-SV

Tempe, ArizonaAt Superior Image Car Care, customer service and making sure they take care of your needs are top priorities.  Their facility is extremely clean and well organized, which provides an easy experience to get any supplies you need.  Everyone has consistent knowledge and can answer any questions you may have.  The team has a desire to educate their clients on what is in their products and where they come from.  They take great pride in being the go-to place in Arizona for detailing and car wash supply needs.  They go above and beyond for their customers, and you can even fill up with free water on the spot when needed.  If you want to be blown away, then go to Superior Image.

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