Renowned Ephrata Detailer Expands Local DIY Retail Business, Inks Agreement with P&S Detail Products as WA First Statewide Distributor

EPHRATA, WA — Ephrata detailer and veteran member of the Air Force One Detailing Team at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, Bill “Buff Man” Quinn of Bill the Buff Man Auto Detailing in Ephrata just inked an agreement with major west coast detailing products distributor P&S Detail as their first statewide Washington distributor. The agreement is an extension of the retail storefront Quinn has been building over the past three years to provide not only a line of do-it-yourself detailing products for customers, but to help detailing shops all over the state build retail storefronts offering a high-grade, professional line of consumer Do-it-yourself products, as well.  

Quinn is not new to product distribution and logistics. His BTBM Business Solutions, a subsidiary of his Buff Man detailing business has over a decade of experience in warehousing, logistics, purchasing and distribution. He has handled the delivery of millions of dollars in products for some of the largest manufacturers in the state.

“On behalf of P&S Detail Products, I am thrilled to announce Bill Quinn, and his company, Bill the Buff Man, have joined the P&S Family of Distributors,” said Keith Duplessie, Customer Development Director for P&S Sales. “More than just a detailer, Bill has run a successful distribution and fulfillment center for many years, so doing so as a P&S distributor is a natural fit. A Master Detailer, Bill has a skillset that fits well with the company’s philosophy of training and support to our customers.

“Bill and his team will begin distribution in Washington state in January 2020, and will be responsible for product distribution, establishment and support or Store Front locations and brand growth for the region.”

Currently, less than 10 percent of automotive detailers offer any products to their customers at all, but Quinn says the lasting effects of a product applied by a professional detailer creates a buzz among luxury and classic car owners who are now demanding only the best for their automotive investments.

“In the decade since I began detailing for a living, I have watched automotive car care change from a bucket of water and soapy sponge to a highly sophisticated and lucrative business. People are paying a lot of money for their vehicles and paying for them over a longer period. That puts a lot of pressure on car owners to look at their automobiles as a long-term investment that requires meticulous care.”

Quinn began his pursuit of retail when he moved into a larger building in 2016. He started out as a catalog showroom for truck accessories and as an authorized WeatherTech dealer for the Columbia Basin.

“In the three years since I expanded the showroom into a full retail center, and the two years since we started the Buff Man’s Stuff online store, profits have doubled every year,” Quinn said. 

Holding open garages and Cars & Coffee events on a regular basis, as well as attending multiple car shows throughout the Basin, Quinn found that by demonstrating the difference between a professional-grade product and an over-the-counter product, customers are wowed.

Quinn is the incoming President of the Board of Directors for an exclusive network of detailers in the U.S. known as Detailing Success and the Detail Mafia. He has served seven years as a senior member of the Air Force One Detailing Team at Seattle’s Museum of Flight where Doyle and P&S Sales first introduced Double Black.

“Many of P&S’ products were inspired by our years of work on the historic jet,” said Quinn. “P&S owners Bob and Dave Phillips are also members of the team and they have developed these products as a better alternative for protecting paint.”

“You take a ceramic coating used on hard plastic surfaces like your dashboard and console, leather, carpets and glass, and there is no comparison in terms of longevity, durability and sheer effectiveness,” said Quinn. “My hope is that customers tell their friends and family and they in turn go to their detailers and ask for that product. He believes he has the potential to help detailers and P&S open retail storefronts all over the state.”

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, P&S Detail has been a pioneer in the detail products industry going back 50 years. They are known for not only selling the most trusted products in the industry, but they are best known for developing innovative, technologically advanced new products like the Double Black line.

Bob Phillips, president of P&S Detail said, “Bill has been a longtime friend and supporter of P&S, serving as a brand standard bearer for many years. He and his team will be a great asset as P&S continues its growth in the NW.

“We are a family at P&S and Bill has been and is family to us. He fits our values and philosophy well, and I look forward to his success in the coming years.”

For more information, contact Bill Quinn at (509) 398-1284. You may also contact PR representative Kimberly Ballard at (256) 653-4003.

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