The International Detailing Association Continues Its Global Growth…

By Erin Reyes, IDA Communications Coordinator


It may have taken a few years to turn the page, but the IDA is finally ready for its next chapter.

Nearly three years after the establishment of the International Detailing Association (IDA) Chapter program in March 2016, the organization is starting to see an increased interest in the formation of chapters worldwide. With members now in 56 countries—and almost one-third of the membership employed outside of the United States—the recent uptick comes as no surprise.

To meet the new demand, the IDA decided to create the Chapter Development Committee, with Board Member Jason Rose, CD-SV, RT, at the helm.

Rose has been involved with the chapter program since the beginning, having helped facilitate the formation of the first three chapters: United Kingdom, New Zealand and Norway. His many years of experience working with international markets make him particularly well suited for the role.

The Chapter Development Committee was officially formed in January 2019 during the IDA Board meeting at Mobile Tech Expo, in response to the growing international interest in the IDA.

These efforts were partially inspired by the results of last year’s IDA Member Needs Survey. The survey—conducted by the IDA Membership Committee—was sent to all current members seeking feedback on what they felt they were getting from their membership and what more they needed out of it. A common suggestion expressed by members was the desire to establish chapters of the IDA in more corners of the world, perhaps even all major cities. While that pursuit may be a bit further down the road, the sentiments are consistent: professional detailers around the world want a support structure and face-to-face experiences. Enter the Chapter Development Committee.

Historically, it has proven to be more difficult to engage with members abroad owing to language barriers, technological roadblocks or just the lack of face-to-face communication. With the new committee acting as a bridge between the U.S.-based organization and the IDA’s many international members, there has never been a better time to connect with the worldwide detailing community, especially with all the forms of communication and transportation now available.

Next Steps

Officially, the committee’s purpose is two-fold. First, the committee will work to promote the international chapter program by facilitating the formation of new chapters. Second, the committee will focus on optimizing the engagement and results of existing Chapters.

Speaking to its overall mission, the committee has set four ambitious goals for its first year:

  1. Analyze and optimize the new chapter application and creation process.
  2. Add four more chapters.
  3. Facilitate quarterly chapter progress meetings for each existing chapter.
  4. Create a mentorship program for each chapter.

Goal #1: Analyze and optimize the new chapter application and creation process

Through feedback from current and potential members, the IDA has found that there are various factors preventing new chapters from being formed. The committee will reevaluate its current chapter application process to determine the major sticking points and adjust the process as needed. Committee members also plan to reach out to members in countries in which IDA has a large presence, in order to find out what might prevent a chapter in the area and what benefits a potential chapter could offer members in the area.

So far, most chapter interest has come from individuals, which shows incredible initiative on their part. However, by implementing these new outreach efforts, the committee hopes to proactively generate group interest in a program that many international members might not even have known was available to them.

Goal #2: Add four more chapters

While this may seem like a lofty goal to some, the committee sees this as completely achievable. Considering the current level of activity—with serious interest in ten detailing-heavy countries or regions, including Brazil, Colombia and Eastern Europe—adding four chapters does not seem like an insurmountable challenge.

In fact, the committee is already close to adding its first chapter of the year: India. In a fast-growing but highly unregulated market, India’s professional detailers are looking for a support system to help establish standards and skills to set themselves apart from the increasing competition. The Chapter Development Committee can help provide those resources. No doubt the recent victory of Kleen Car Wash (based in Hyderabad) as IDA’s Mobile Detailer of the Year—the first awardee ever from the subcontinent—helped spur the interest.

Goal #3: Facilitate quarterly chapter progress meetings for each existing chapter

Once a chapter has been established, that is when the “real” work begins for the Chapter Development Committee. Rather than allowing a chapter to rest on its laurels (or vice versa), the committee will plan to regularly meet with chapter leaders to ensure that they are receiving the tools they need from the IDA to be successful, while also supporting the chapter’s efforts to maximize its participation in the larger detailing industry in their area.

For example, the committee might facilitate a chapter’s exhibit at trade shows or other events—such was the case in IDA’s first appearance at Europe’s largest annual car care event, Waxstock, in 2017 in collaboration with the UK Chapter. The committee might also help plan in-person meet-and-greets to connect and spread the word at a local level.

The committee will also encourage not only the addition of chapter members, but also boosting the number of Certified Detailers and Skills Validated detailers in each chapter. This will ultimately help increase legitimacy of not only the IDA, but also the detailing industry in those countries or regions.

Goal #4: Create a mentorship program for each chapter

The committee’s final goal may very well be its most important. While each international market is different, including different terminology and even detailing standards, there are certain skills and advice that can be applied across the industry, no matter the country or region.

One of the IDA’s most invaluable assets is the “association” itself—being able to associate with like-minded professionals and learn directly from experts within the industry. Having a mentor available—both to chapter leadership to assist in operations and guide the implementation of local benefits and programs, as well as to individual chapter members themselves—could make all the difference, transforming a struggling chapter into a thriving, successful chapter.

If you are interested in helping the IDA continue to grow internationally, the association is looking for members to join the Chapter Development Committee. Visit the IDA website to submit a Volunteer Interest form (for this or any other committee), or email

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