Superior Restoration Products Releases New Design for Ford Explorer Vinyl Sill Plate

Superior Restoration shared a story about Gary, one of their trainers and owner of MARS in Michigan. Gary was seeing a consistent damage on many vehicles such as SUV’s, Trucks, Jeeps and cars. He used a pre-cut 4” x 24” Sill Plate Vinyl to cover the damaged area. On average, this type of repair can cost dealerships up to $150 – $200. Gary charges $45 – $65 per vehicle to do a complete installation that takes less than 3 minutes. Superior Restoration has been supplying their customers with this easy money maker replacement set of Sill Plate Vinyl for the past few years.

“Gary’s simple and effective repair is a fast and profitable solution. Superior is now taken it a step further, we’ve cut them to fit the Ford Explorer in the rear bumper area. We encourage our customers to help out dealerships with this installation and in turn make a profit for themselves,” stated John Davidson, Owner of Superior Restoration Products.

Vinyl sill plates will be released for the Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Toyota Rav 4, and various other SUVs once measurements are complete. View the installation instructions at: For more information about Superior Restoration Products, contact John Davidson at

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