Polyvance Releases New Agricultural Plastic Welding Kit

To help keep the agricultural economy moving, Polyvance is announcing the immediate availability of its new 5213 Agricultural Plastic Welding Kit, the first all-in-one kit designed for general agricultural plastic repair. The kit includes both a hot air welder and an airless plastic welder, with a wide variety of plastic welding rods suited to the repair of common agricultural plastics.

The kit includes 17 different varieties of plastic welding rods, including a new green polycarbonate welding rod to repair the hoods from the popular green tractor brand. The kit includes a wide variety of polypropylene and polyethylene welding rods to repair fuel tanks, sprayer tanks, water troughs, and cornhead snouts. Nylon is included so cracked radiator tanks my be repaired. the kit also includes Polyvance’s exclusive glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene rods for repairing UTV and side-by-side roofs and floor panels. The rods are stored in two included plastic organizer cases.

Two plastic welders are included with the kit — a hot air welder with adjustable temperature and flow control and a robust 200 watt airless heating element with two welder tips. 

The suggested User price for this kit is only $449.95, far less than the cost to replace just a single plastic component on most farm equipment. This is a tool that will not only save its owner money, but more importantly keep their equipment out in the field producing.

Call Polyvance at 800-633-3047 for more information on this new kit or go to www.polyvance.com.

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