It’s good to Wear Your Heart—and Your IDA Patches—on Your Sleeve…

By Erin Reyes, IDA Communications Coordinator

There’s a new way to show your pride for the International Detailing Association (IDA)—with branded logo-wear from the IDA Merchandise Store!

Since its launch last month, the merchandise store has been enthusiastically received, with members and nonmembers alike sharing their excitement about getting their own pieces from the collection. They started placing orders almost immediately upon release in anticipation of wearing the items to upcoming trade shows, including Mobile Tech Expo.

The online store features a range of attire that will have you covered in any setting. The work shirts are perfect for a day at the shop or on location, while the polos are polished enough to have you looking sharp at any industry event or trade show.  Meanwhile, the t-shirts and caps are cool and comfortable, and would be great for relaxed gatherings like the IDA Meet & Greets.

Each item is made of superior-quality materials and is designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle and career. All pieces, including the t-shirts, are emblazoned with an embroidered logo, giving an accomplished look to otherwise casual pieces. The high-quality apparel will make you feel confident and presentable in any crowd, whether you’re facing new clients, detailing peers, or industry heavyweights, so you can always feel proud about representing the IDA.

The launch of the IDA Merchandise Store is another step toward establishing the association as an integral part of the detailing industry. In combination with other organization-wide efforts over the past year, the re-introduction of logo-wear is meant to continue spreading a positive awareness of the IDA and the detailing profession, not only within the automotive industry, but to the general population as well.

As with the redesigned IDA website launched this summer, the store fits perfectly into IDA President Justin Labato’s consumer awareness initiative. The IDA logo instantly tells clients, prospective clients, and industry peers that our members are among the best in the detailing industry, with the credentials to prove it. It identifies members as part of an elite team of worldwide detailing professionals who willingly and continually exchange ideas and share techniques to improve their own businesses and the industry. Ready-made logo gear makes it all the simpler to continue to spread that message across the globe and increase visibility of detailers as a whole.

If you are looking for a way to treat your employees and standardize uniforms at the same time, IDA logo-wear makes a great holiday gift. The store items come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, so there is something to fit everyone. Start off 2019 with the whole team looking fresh!

Visit the IDA website to start shopping today: If you want your logo-wear in time for the holidays or Mobile Tech Expo, make sure to get your orders in sooner rather than later.

Once you have your new logo-wear in hand, don’t forget to add on your IDA patches and stripes, exclusively available to members and certified detailers. The IDA logo patch and member stripe are new this year, while the certification stripes have received a refresh, resulting in a widely praised sleek, modern look. The Certified Detailer (CD) and Skills Validated (SV) stripes now feature bold lettering in IDA’s signature red, while the background of the Recognized Trainer (RT) stripe is the same color.

You worked hard to earn your credentials, so now it is time to show off your accomplishments with a set of attention-grabbing patches and stripes. Place them on your work uniform or on an item from the logo-wear collection. While there is no standard placement for the patches, the IDA does encourage locating them on your upper shoulder in the preferred order: IDA logo patch first, followed by the member stripe, CD stripe, SV stripe, and finally the RT stripe.

With their striking new appearance, your patches are sure to catch the eye of customers, colleagues and competitors alike. Those who are not familiar with the IDA will curiously ask what each stripe represents, and you will have a perfect opportunity to educate them about the IDA and the detailing industry. You might even inspire fellow detailers who desire to don their own set of patches to join the association and earn their certifications.

To order patches online, you must login to the IDA website. You can find logo and member patches within your Member Type (i.e. Operator, Supplier, Institution, etc.) group, while certification patches can be purchased through the group associated with your certification level (CD, SV, or RT). Hoping to snag some patches and stripes in person? You’re in luck—you can purchase them directly from the IDA booth at Mobile Tech Expo (where you can also grab your very own “We Love IDA” sticker and “IDA Member” ribbon to attach to your event registration badge).

Speaking of badges, did you know that all IDA members now receive an identification badge upon joining the association? This member ID badge signals your membership in the organization, with a central logo, surrounded by your participation information (including certification level, chapter name, and membership expiration date). Proudly wear your badge on a lanyard or belt clip when attending events. Or, for everyday use, consider keeping the badge on your key chain – every time you open your shop or mobile detailing unit, you will be reminded of your dedication to the IDA’s high industry standards!

Upon any updates to your information throughout the year—such as obtaining a new certification, joining a chapter, etc.—you will receive an updated badge. That way, you and anyone who sees your badge knows exactly where you fit within the IDA. If you misplace your badge at any time, you can also visit the IDA website to order a replacement (log-in required).

Remember, you too can promote consumer awareness of the IDA and the detailing profession! All you need to do is get some of the new IDA logo-wear for yourself, your employees, family, and anyone you want to help spread awareness, order your patches, and continue building momentum and visibility for the organization and the detailing industry.


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