Get Ready for the Busy Season with Some Help from the IDA…

By Erin Reyes, IDA Communications Coordinator


Photo courtesy of Mason Jones via Unsplash


The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, the trees are getting greener—you know what this means: spring detailing season is here! To prepare for the onset of the busiest time of year for most detailing professionals, the IDA has several tips to get your shop and business in tip-top shape!

  1. Give your shop or mobile unit a thorough spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is not just for your customers’ vehicles. Your shop or mobile unit could use a good tidying up, too. Now is a good time to store, donate or trash any tools or supplies that are no longer in use to make room for new products. Then, invest in carts and shelving to organize everything to be easily accessible from your wash bays—this applies to a mobile unit (depending on the size and configuration), too.

Scrub or power wash all surfaces that may have been affected by the harsh winter, and get rid of all traces of snow, salt and other reminders of the cold weather. Don’t forget about your mobile unit! Give it a good top-to-bottom detail—this counts as free advertising for your business by demonstrating your level of workmanship. When your business is all about making something look its best, you want to be sure you make the best first impression on customers and prospects with your own clean shop or mobile unit.

  1. Shine a light on your IDA membership

Now that your shop or mobile unit’s windows have received a good power washing, they should be glistening and ready to display your IDA member decal. IDA members can always order extra decals for multiple storefronts, vehicles or anywhere you want to advertise your affiliation with the IDA.

The IDA-member decal helps you put your best face forward and signify your adherence to a higher set of standards. (If you haven’t yet done so, be sure to hang your IDA membership certificate, certifications and Code of Ethics for everyone to see!) Anyone who enters your shop or sees your mobile unit out and about with the member decal proudly displayed will be able to see your dedication to the industry and to professionalism. If someone is not familiar with the IDA, now is your chance to start the season right with an explanation of why you belong to the association and what that means for the level of service they will receive from you throughout the season—and the entire year!

  1. Make more green by helping your customers save green

Incentivize your customers to put winter behind them with a new discount or special offer on your services or products. Let them know that the early bird gets the worm with an early-season discount, or offer a package deal to keep them coming back throughout spring and summer. At this time of year, many detailers are coming out of their slow or off-season, which means you will have more competition. Catch the eye of your potential customers with a coupon or a discount code on your website or in local ads.

  1. Plant confidence in prospective customers with your IDA logowear and patches

Your uniforms could use a refresh at this time of year, too. It is definitely short-sleeve season, and the IDA has the perfect pieces for you in its logowear collection, offering a range of work shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and more. No matter your daily destination, whether you are working in the shop, onsite or meeting clients, there is a wardrobe staple to keep you looking sharp this spring.

Also, if you recently joined the IDA or earned a new certification, don’t forget to add your new patches to your IDA logowear. Remember, use of the IDA logo is an exclusive benefit for members and certified detailers to demonstrate a higher level of professionalism, so proudly show off your dedication to the profession!

  1. Start the season with a new set of credentials

Still looking to earn your IDA “stripes” before spring? The IDA has plenty of certification events on the calendar and across the country in the upcoming weeks. Check website for a full schedule and sign up today. You could be a Certified Detailer or earn your Skills Validated before the first spring customer sets foot in your shop.

  1. Freshen up your website and other marketing materials

This is one of the seasonal updates that can be easily overlooked. Before the rush starts, take an hour or two to make sure you have all your company’s latest information available on your website, social media channels and additional marketing materials. For example, if you won an award over the winter season [ahem, IDA awards at MTE], now would be the perfect time to add that accomplishment to your website. Also, try a fresh new advertising campaign—whether it’s through your social media platforms, a new eye-catching flyer or an ad in the local paper.

  1. Hop on an IDA webinar to stay on top of the latest industry developments

Looking for some additional tips on stepping up your business as we head into the busiest time of year? Register for an upcoming IDA webinar. Industry professionals present information on hot-button topics and things that are affecting your business. Check the webinar schedule on, or remember that IDA members can watch recordings of any of the previous webinars on the IDA website. Topics range from best business practices to detailing techniques to marketing and more. Refresh your knowledge and impress your customers with your new set of skills!

Follow our friendly advice and watch your business bloom this spring!

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