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Dentcraft Debuts Dent Stuff Carbon Fiber Tip Rod

The new Dent Stuff 60” x 1.25” Quad Pipe from Dentcraft features two straight 90-degree tips. One tip is angled back toward the handle and the other is angled forward away from the handle. The handle is labeled to allow a tech to easily look down and see which tip is in use. The tip rod also comes with two E2 extensions, one bZero and one S4, plus soft tips, and includes a soft-shelled padded carrying case.

Dentcraft’s Dent Stuff Quad Pipe features two straight 90-degree tips, one that’s angled back toward the handle and the other that’s angled forward away from the handle.

A-1 Tool Introduces B And D Door Jammer

A-1 Tool, the Bolivar, Missouri-based manufacturer of PDR tools, has introduced the B And D (BD-JD) Door Jammer. The aluminum billet door jammer fits any latch and is designed to hold auto-body doors open while hammering, pulling, grinding, sanding or painting, thereby eliminating the possibility of being hit by an open door while working. The door jammer is manufactured in the U.S, and is composed of stainless steel components, machined billet adjustment knobs and a machined solid billet body.

A-1 Tool’s aluminum billet door jammer holds auto-body doors open while hammering, pulling, sanding, grinding or painting.­

Torque Detail’s Mirror Shine Delivers Showroom Sheen

Mirror Shine™, the newest detailing product from Torque Detail, is designed to produce an instant shine and protection. Formulated and tested in the U.S. by pro detailer Frank Mitchell, the patented polymer-based formula bonds to paint coating, creating a glass-like, hydrophobic shine that repels water, snow and other elements. To apply, simply spray on and buff with a microfiber towel. No elbow grease required.

For an instant shine and protection in minutes, Torque Detail has introduced Mirror Shine.

Griot’s Garage Launches New Orbital Polisher

Griot’s Garage has announced the introduction of its G9 Random Orbital Polisher. Billed as the most powerful orbital polisher, the G9 features a 1,000-watt motor—a 17 percent increase over the previous six-inch Random orbiter—as well as a 9mm orbit for efficient defect removal, a new state-of the-art Constant Speed Controller and a detachable power cord.

The user-friendly, feature-rich design includes perfectly placed grips, high-quality double-shot rubber touch points and easy-to-engage controls convenient for right- and left-handed users. The machine has six patents pending and has been certified for safety and compliance worldwide, according to Griot’s Garage.

The new G9 Random Orbital Polisher represents the fourth generation of improvements to Griot’s Garage line of Random Orbitals.

Buff And Shine Rolls Out Carpet Protection Film

Buff And Shine, producer of a full line of pads and accessories for automotive applications, has introduced its newest product, protective automotive carpet film. Designed and tested to ensure the backing is strong enough to adhere to damp carpet, the high-quality poly film resists rips and tears.

The 24-inch-wide plastic carpet film is available in rolls of 200 ft. and 500 ft. lengths, either 3 mil or 4 mil thickness, and comes perforated every 21 inches to allow for easy separation. Ideally suited to work on both dry and damp carpets, be they brand-new or freshly shampooed.

Buff And Shine’s automotive carpet protection film resists rips and tears and is well suited to work on both dry and damp carpets.

Restore Fiberglass/Gelcoat With BuffPro’s Marine/RV Restoration Kit

BuffPro’s new Marine/RV Restoration Kit contains everything needed to restore the look of a fiberglass/gelcoat boat or RV and produce a superior shine. The kit includes a BuffPro Buffer, BuffPro Heavy Cut Wool Pad, Polishing Wool Pad and SLW Synthetic Lamb’s Wool Finishing Pad. The restoration kit also includes All-Shine Heavy Correction Compound, All-Shine Medium Correction Compound and All-In-One Ultra-Fine Polish, plus three microfiber towels.

The Marine/RV Restoration Kit from BuffPro contains all the tools and products required to restore the look of a fiberglass/gelcoat boat or RV.

BAF Industries Launches Reactive Iron & Brake Dust Remover

BAF Industries Reactive™ Iron & Brake Dust Remover is great for all painted finishes and chrome, allow, and clear coated wheels. This advanced pH-balanced, non-corrosive clearer targets iron-based contaminations and safely breaks it down for quick removal. The ready to use, Reactive™ sprays on clear, but turns purple as it comes into contact with iron particles and contaminants can be rinsed freely from all exterior surfaces.

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