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Breathe New Life Into Dirty Wheels With Wheel-eez Detail Pro

Wheel-eez® Detail Pro™ offers superior cleaning for all types of wheels. Formulated with detailing pros in mind, the professional-strength wheel cleaner tackles the worst greasy brake dust, dirt and grime. The environmentally friendly cleaner is biodegradable and non-corrosive. To apply, first spray the wheels with water, then mist with Wheel-eez Detail Pro. Available in a 32-oz spray bottle. www.wheel-eez.com/detailers.

Spruce up grimy wheels with professional-strength Wheel-eez Detail Pro, an environmentally friendly cleaner that’s biodegradable and non-corrosive.

Hydrosilex Introduces Silica-Based Spray-On Coating

Hydrosilex, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based car-care company, has introduced Recharge, a unique silica-based formula. Designed to protect any type of vehicle surface, Recharge is a temporary, hydrophobic ceramic coating, which creates a transparent top layer that adds gloss and protects from the elements. Can be applied with a spray-on applicator to professionally installed coatings, paint protection film (clear bra) or vinyl wraps to prevent deterioration. Hydrosilex Recharge kits are offered in 16-oz. or 32 oz. spray bottles, and include a 10-pack of microfiber towels. For more information email info@hydrosilex.com. www.hydrosilex.com.

Hydrosilex Recharge is a temporary ceramic coating, adding gloss and protection from the elements.

Brandmotion Rolls Out FullVue Camera Mirror

Brandmotion’s all-new FullVUE™ Mirror resets the driving experience, enabling the driver to see what’s never been seen before. The versatile new safety and convenience aid replaces the original rear-view mirror with a full HD video screen, providing a clear, crisp view with no obstructions. The FullVUE mirror eliminates blind spots, records while vehicle is being driven, and includes a 9.66-inch LCD screen and 1080p HD camera, providing a three times wider field of view.  Quick and seamless integration with Brandmotion’s standard mounting kit. ww.brandmotion.com.

The FullVUE Mirror from Brandmotion replaces the original rear-view mirror with a full HD video screen, eliminating blind spots and obstructions.

MotoShieldPro’s Nanoceramic Window Film Reduces Heat, Blocks UV Rays 

California-based MotoShieldPro has developed the industry’s first 99-percent infrared heat-rejecting nanoceramic window film. Designed to be easy to install, the film’s nanotechnology reduces the heat inside a vehicle by as much as 25 degrees (Fahrenheit) and blocks up to 99 percent of UV rays that can cause cracking or fading, according to the company.

The film contains no metallic particles, ensuring a consistent signal for mobile devices and GPS. Available precut or in uncut rolls and includes installation instructions. Tools required for installation include a squeegee, heat gun, 500 ml spray gun, microfiber towel, blade and tint solution (six drops of Dawn liquid soap and 500 ml of water). Covered by a limited lifetime warranty. www.motoshieldpro.com.

MotoshieldPro’s nanoceramic window film can decrease heat up to 25 degrees and block up to 99 percent of ultra-violet rays. Window tinting reduces visible light transmission (VLT) through car windows—the darker the film, the less light transmitted. Some jurisdictions may have laws that restrict the darkness of film used in automotive applications.

Wrangler Tailgate Lockbox Now Available From Tuffy Security

Tuffy Security Products has introduced its Model #359, a heavy-duty tailgate security lockbox, to store gear for the 2007 – 2018 Jeep® Wrangler JK and JKU models equipped with any type of hard or soft top. The lockbox measures 6” x 33.6” x 14.5” and attaches to the inside of the Wrangler’s tailgate. The lockbox includes two removable shelves and the fold-down door, which supports up to 40 lbs., can be used as a work table.

Made of welded 16-gauge steel with a durable textured powder-coated finish, the Model 359 features the company’s exclusive 10-tumbler double-bitted lock with built-in weather seals and patented Pro-Guard locking system. The lockbox mounts to existing OEM tailgate rail mounts using standard hand tools. Requires no drilling and includes all hardware.

Tuffy Security Products’ heavy-duty tailgate lockbox for the 2007 – 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU models can be used to store gear securely.

BAF Industries Launches All-New Whiteout Foam Cannon Soap and Mango Tango PRO® Air Freshener

The All-New Whiteout Foam Cannon Soap is a pH balanced soap specifically made to create exceptional levels of foam through a foam cannon for the ultimate touchless wash. The lather allows the foam to cling to the vehicle to quickly and gently wash away dirt, gime, and road film while not removing previously applied wax, sealant, or degraded ceramic coating.

The PRO® Air Fresheners are a unique blend of aromatic essences and oils that leave a long-lasting fragrance. The all-new Mango Tango scent is great for automobiles and vehicles while helping control mustiness, mildew, cigarette, food, pet, and other unwanted odors.

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