For Tallahassee Tech Jeremy Smith, It’s all about Quality and Service…

By Ellen McKoy


As a kid growing up in Gladstone, Missouri, Jeremy Smith got his first taste of the automotive industry while sitting under his dad’s desk as he worked in the F&I department of a local auto dealership. His father later ventured out on his own, founded Dr. Vinyl and then expanded into PDR. Upon graduating from high school in the mid-’90s, Smith joined the company, which by then offered a variety of services to local dealerships: paint touch-up, vinyl graphics and striping, spot repairs and detailing, and, of course, paintless dent removal.

Jeremy Smith hard at work pushing a dent in the driveway of this shop, Precision Dent Removal.

Determined to grow his skill set, Smith enrolled in Spies Hecker training, where he earned certification credentials based on his knowledge of paint technologies, refinishing systems and body shop business management. He also earned an automotive finish certification from ICI.

In 2002, Smith embarked on a new venture: chasing hail. But after spending five years pursuing the next hail storm, and being away from home all too often, he and his family moved lock, stock and barrel to Tallahassee, Florida. It turned out to be a wise decision.


From Chasing Hail to Industry Leader

“In 2007, I decided (chasing hail) was no longer an option as it was taking a toll on my family,’ said Smith. “I hung up my hail hat and moved to Tallahassee to start a route company. It was a major transition. (But) through persistence, we have become the leading name in paintless dent removal in the Florida Panhandle.”

A day at Disneyland in Orlando is a welcome break for the Smith family. Left to right: Jeremy’s wife Kara, daughter Kylie, son Taylor, Jeremey, and the little one up front is Grace.

Smith’s company, Precision Dent Removal, primarily services customers in the Panhandle area and southern Georgia, with a focus on top-notch workmanship and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Much of the company’s success can be credited to Smith’s commitment to training and education.

Over the years, Smith has earned additional qualifications, including technician certification for northern Florida and southern Georgia. A founding member of PDR Nation, and a member of NAPDRT, he holds credentials from both organizations as well.  To ensure his technicians are equally well trained, he has passed along his knowledge and skills to create a formidable repair team.

“We now cover over a hundred square miles of territory with some of the best technicians a company can have—some of the most talented individuals work with us,” said Smith. “Our major focus is the quality and level of service that we provide (to) our customers. It has been an uphill climb. Yet, here it is 2018, and we are proud to say that we are the industry leaders in our area.”

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