Focus on Education, Due Diligence Top Priorities…

By Mike Wahl, NAPDRT President

NAPDRT President Mike Wahl and other board members staffed the organization’s booth during the Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando. The group also presented four seminars and held its annual State of the PDR Industry meeting during the Show.


Hello, everyone!

NAPDRT was extremely busy during the Mobile Tech Expo in January in Orlando. We had great attendance at all of the seminars that we put on during Education Day. A lot of information was put out there, and we got a lot of great feedback from all who attended. We can’t thank everyone enough for all the support!

Let’s take a minute to go over a few things in case you forgot or couldn’t make it to a seminar. Estimating damage on a vehicle (as discussed in “PDR Estimating 101”)—Make sure the area is clean and you can see the damage, take pictures and document the damage, and remember, you’ll never get paid for it if you never ask.

Be prepared before the storm hits—have your business cards ready to go, tools ready to use and you should have already had a ton of handshakes and introductions done by now!

Are you still on the fence about your liabilities? Technology is changing the PDR industry. NAPDRT addressed this topic in our seminar, “Emerging Technologies and Why You Need to Know How to Use a Scan Tool.”

How are you making sure the car you take apart is being put back together correctly? Today’s vehicles are literally rolling computers now, and you need to be prepared to be able to tell your customers that their “baby” is back to the pristine condition it was before they needed you to fix it. So get your research done as fast as possible and be ready!

Most of all, do the best that you can and everything else will fall into place.

There are some great things on the horizon for NAPDRT and its members, so stay tuned! If you have any questions, concerns or you just want to brag, be sure to let us know!


NAPDRT once again hosted the ever-popular and highly competitive Dent Olympics. Awards were presented following Show closing on Saturday, January 12.

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