Board Members to Present Seminars on Key PDR-Related Topics…


NAPDRT is gearing up for MTE 2019 in Orlando. Several of our board members and officers will again present seminars during Education Day. Here’s a look at what we will have going on.

Board member Tory Jenkins, a route tech, and Treasurer Leonard Cicchiello, a hail chaser/route tech, both from the coal region of Pennsylvania, will open up Education Day for NAPDRT with a seminar titled “PDR for the Beginner.” They will talk about what it took to start up their businesses and offer tips on how to make your business successful, from route work to chasing hail. They also will share their personal failures and successes in the PDR industry, and how to grow from them.

Board member Keith Shapiro, a hail tech from Cape Coral, Florida, and Cicchiello will team up to present “PDR Estimating 101.” The interactive session will cover how to estimate correctly, how to not leave money on the table or charge too much, and other essential criteria to assure that you will make more money. The success for writing proper estimates starts with your pen, so this is one session you won’t want to miss.

NAPDRT President Mike Wahl, a route/hail tech from Carlisle, Iowa, will once again cover, “Emerging Technologies and Why You Need to Know How to Use a Scan Tool.”  Wahl has become very focused on this growing need in the PDR industry. He has spent countless hours researching scan tools and trying to provide the PDR industry with real-time feedback. During his session, Wahl will touch on how technology is changing the PDR industry, and he will explain how to explore the latest technology and learn about what you may be missing by not performing pre- and post-scans.

Officers and board members also will host NAPDRT’s annual State Of The PDR Industry meeting. The meeting will offer a review of the accomplishments and developments in the PDR industry.  This is your chance to hear about the PDR industry and its future, and participate with questions and feedback.

On the opening day of MTE, Tommy Clayton, a route tech and NAPDRT secretary, from Gibsonville, North Carolina, will open the show with “What is New at MTE 2019.” At this can’t-miss session, Clayton will provide a look at all the new goodies the tool companies will have brought to the 2019 Expo.  The tool companies will explain their new products and provide insights into what they are working on to make our jobs easier in 2019.

All of us at NAPDRT look forward to seeing you at MTE 2019. Plan now to stop by our booth to meet and say hello to our officers and board members. In closing, be sure as well to attend NAPDRT’s annual members meeting. All current members—and those interested in learning more about NAPDRT—are encouraged to attend.

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