Polyvance Debuts New Time-Saving 6040 Whip Hose

Polyvance’s new 6040 Whip Hose is designed to help plastic repair technicians save time by easily swapping air tools and taking advantage of the product’s in-line air blower to speed prep work.

The 10-foot-long hose attaches to the air manifold on Polyvance’s nitrogen plastic welders using a ¼-inch male NPT swivel connector. The in-line air blower can be used to blow off dust or force-cool welds. The hose is made of soft, light weight and flexible “Flexzilla” rubber for ease of use and handling, and is terminated with a ¼-inch NPT male fitting intended to accommodate a shop’s preferred quick-disconnect fitting.

Save time and speed plastic repair prep work with the new 6040 Whip Hose from Polyvance.


New Color-Scanning Technology Simplifies Upholstery Color Matching

DLT Upholstery Corporation has announced availability of the EZMatch Swatch Scanner. The new color-scanning technology allows upholstery techs to scan smooth or textured surfaces and find the closest material matches. Equipped with its own light source to ensure exact color scanning, the EZMatch Swatch Scanner is designed to pair with a free Color Cloud app compatible with most smart devices, including newer iPhones and Androids equipped with Bluetooth.

DLT’s EZMatch Swatch Scanner makes it easy to scan upholstery surfaces and find a color match using a free app compatible with most smart phones.


EGR’s Decorative No-Drill Fender Flares Are An Easy Upsell

To add a rugged, off-road appearance to most current and late-model midsize and full-size pickups, EGR is now offering its easy-to-install Bolt-On-Look Paint-Match Fender Flares. Designed to simulate the appearance of bolt-on flares, the EGR flares require no drilling and feature preinstalled protective rubber trim and chrome-finished decorative bolts.  Flares are pre-painted and guaranteed to match vehicle factory colors, including Inferno Orange, Brite White, Flame Red, Quicksand, Blazing Blue and Silver Sky.

EGR’s new Bolt-On-Look Paint-Match Fender Flares, shown here on a Chevy Silverado, are designed to mimic the look of bolt-on flares. The pre-painted flares are guaranteed to match the factory color.


Soft Foam Swabs Make It Easy To Detail Hard-To-Reach Vehicle Surfaces

Swab-its® offers a wide range of soft foam, lint-free foam swabs, available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The swabs are specifically designed to help clean and detail hard-to reach interior and exterior vehicle areas that other tools may not reach, such as air vents, grilles, buttons, knobs, cup holders, seat seams and speakers, as well as cracks and crevices.  Manufactured in the U.S.

Clean and detail hard-to-reach interior and exterior areas with Swab-its soft foam swabs.


Griot’s Garage Rinseless Wash & Wax Saves Water, Adds Shine, Protects Vehicle Surfaces

Griot’s Garage has rolled out Rinseless Wash & Wax, a versatile, highly concentrated formula that washes and protects vehicle surfaces without rinsing. According to the company, Rinseless Wash & Wax can save up to 60 gallons of water per wash, making it suitable for mobile detailers looking to maximize their water supply. The product uses a unique blend of hydrophobic polymers and carnuba wax to lubricate the surface, and enhance gloss and surface protection. To use, simply add one ounce of Rinseless Wash & Wax to 2.5 gallons of water, soak a microfiber towel, wash one panel at a time and dry immediately.

Griot’s new Rinseless Wash & Wax saves water—up to 60 gallons per wash—while protecting a vehicle’s surface.


AutomotiveTouchup’s Custom-Formulated Paints Deliver Convenience and Precise Color Matching

AutomotiveTouchup offers custom-formulated bottled paints in easy-to-apply half-ounce and two-ounce bottles for convenient usage and storage in a mobile detailing unit. The paints are formulated from a comprehensive library of OEM colors to create an exact color match. Each bottle features a brush with special filaments designed to deliver a flawless finish, said the company. Product line includes primer, basecoat and high-gloss clear coat.

AutomotiveTouchup’s three-step paint touchup process delivers a flawless finish.


Meguiar’s Rolls Out PH-Balanced, Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner

Meguiar’s® Ultimate All™  Wheel Cleaner strikes a balance between delivering a powerful and effective cleaning solution, while also being pH balanced and acid free, according to a recent announcement. The new wheel cleaner is safe and effective for all wheel finishes and even painted, powder-coated or anodized brake and suspension components. The gel formula clings to wheels, stays wetter longer and also works to loosen dirt, grime, and brake dust, and remove stubborn contaminants.

Meguiar’s All Wheel Cleaner can be safely applied to all wheel finishes, as well as painted, powder-coated or anodized brake and suspension components.

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