Join An IDA Committee And Advance Your Leadership Skills…

IDA Committee Chairs and Board Members at the Annual Board Retreat held during Mobile Tech Expo in January 2018. Photo courtesy of Mike Phillips, CD-SV-RT.

Savvy members of the International Detailing Association (IDA) know that the best way to get the most out of their membership is to get involved within the organization. One route to take: join a committee. Committees are the “working arm” of the association, and they provide direct recommendations for IDA policy and programs.

In addition to the obvious benefits of helping to strengthen your professional organization and your profession, committee members have the opportunity to interact with colleagues from other parts of the nation and across the world, all while gaining valuable leadership experience. Not to mention, service on professional committees looks great on your resume! Consider joining a committee to make yourself a key player vested in the future of the IDA.

Get To Know IDA Committees

The IDA currently has several active committees: Certification, Marketing & Communications, Membership, and Tradeshow & Education.


Chair: Kyle Clark, CD-SV

Board Liaison: Tom Palancia, CD-SV, RT

The Certification Committee governs the IDA Certification Program, sets guidelines for exam materials and processes, and develops and oversees implementation of new certification phases. One of the committee’s goals for 2018 is to establish several new Recognized Training Centers to make formal training, certification, and skills validation even more accessible. The committee is also hoping to develop new certification exams for detailing specialties, including marine, RV and motorcycle.

Marketing & Communications

Chair: Vincent Macri, CD-SV

Co-Chair: Kenya Williams, CD

Board Liaison: Rob Schruefer, CD-SV, RT

The Marketing & Communications (MarComm) Committee handles all IDA communications from the e-newsletter and e-blasts to the website and social media pages and groups. The committee also administers IDA’s sponsorship and advertising programs. MarComm is responsible for the IDA’s newly redesigned website, built to better serve members, certified detailers, potential members, industry professionals, and the public.


Chair: Joseph DiFiore, CD-SV

Co-Chair: Michael Stoops

Board Liaison: Jason Rose, CD-SV, RT

The Membership Committee spearheads IDA membership marketing campaigns globally and promotes development of IDA chapters in other countries and regions. Earlier this year, the committee established Love Your Detailer Day, now to be celebrated annually on February 15. After a productive 2017, the committee set its sights on doubling membership in 2018. Other initiatives include member recruitment and retention, and continuing to enhance IDA membership value.

Tradeshow & Education

Chair: Prentice St. Clair, CD-SV, RT

Board Liaison: Mike Phillips, CD-SV, RT

The Tradeshow & Education Committee facilitates IDA participation at various industry-leading trade shows and events. This committee also coordinates IDA University (educational seminars led by IDA experts) at trade shows and training facilities across the globe. The committee has helped expand IDA’s reach beyond Mobile Tech Expo and the SEMA Show, securing participation at international shows such as Waxstock, Car Wash Show Europe, and the Middle East Cleaning Technology Week. Additionally, Tradeshow & Education manages the monthly webinar series and other educational offerings. This year, the committee will work to continue building bridges for greater inclusion within ICA, NADA, and beyond.

Full descriptions of each committee’s responsibilities can be found on the IDA website. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive quarterly updates from each committee.

Get Involved

Members who wish to serve on a committee must be engaged participants—by attending meetings, providing suggestions/insights, and offering assistance with committee projects when needed. After all, active participation is what helps build leadership skills. For those who are concerned that serving on a committee is a huge time commitment, do not worry. Committee meetings are held once per month for an hour via teleconference. Outside of the meeting, it is up to you to decide how much time you devote to helping the committee and, ultimately, the association.

After serving on a committee, you might find yourself interested in furthering your leadership position by becoming a committee chair or co-chair. If you have proven yourself dedicated, the board liaison for your committee may recommend you for the position when it becomes available. As a committee chair or co-chair, you should be prepared to attend all committee meetings and lead the discussion. Your committee members will look to you for ideas and guidance, and it will be your responsibility to be a trusted resource and representative of the IDA.

Ready to volunteer? If you’re an active association member, you can visit the website to fill out a “Committee Interest” form, selecting the committee(s) on which you would like to participate. You will then be included in future communications and meetings concerning that committee.

Not sure where your talents would best fit? Contact with your interest, and we will help place you where you can maximally serve the IDA.

Make a difference for your business, your profession, your industry, and your professional organization—get involved today!

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