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Meguiar’s Expands Professional Detailing Product Lineup

D113 Citrus Blast Wash & Wax and D107 Citrus Power Cleaner Plus are the newest additions to Meguiar’s line of professional car-care products. According to the company, the new products will further equip professionals and experienced enthusiasts with additional solutions for properly cleaning interior and exterior automotive surfaces.

The D113, for instance, is a premium wash and wax formulated with the professional in mind to deliver a fast and effective wash with the added benefit of Carnauba-based wax protection. The high-lubricity cleaners help achieve scratch-free results, while conditioners and the carnauba wax deliver a smooth, glossy finish. The D017 is a versatile, all-purposed cleaner, safe to use on many types of surfaces. The formula is solvent-free, can be used with hot and cold extraction machines as well as on various surfaces, including carpets and upholstery, engines, tires, plastics and leather.  Both products are available in one gallon and five gallon containers. www.meguiars.com.

Meguiar’s targets the professional detailing market with the introduction of two new products: D113 Citrus Blast Wash & Wax and D107 Citrus Power Cleaner Plus.


Rupes Rolls Out One-Step Marine Compound

Rupes has introduced XC-1 Marine, a cut-and-finish high-performance compound appropriate for gelcoat, paint and composite surfaces commonly found in the marine environment. The silicone-free, one-step product can easily remove P1500 or finer sanding marks to deliver a shiny surface. XC-1 Marine can be used to restore the gloss to a deteriorated or oxidized gelcoat surface or eliminate irregularities, as well as polish a brand-new surface to achieve extra gloss, and it is suitable for use on both dark and light colors.  XC-1 Marine is specifically formulated for Rupes Random Orbital polishers, LHR family and gear-driven LK900. www.rupesusa.com.

Rupes’ new, silicone-free XC-1 Marine compound can be used on various marine surfaces, such as paint, composite and gelcoat.


Beat The Heat With Portacool’s Portable Cooler

Want to reduce summertime discomfort when working in a hot and steamy workspace? The newly developed Portacool Jetstream™ evaporative cooler, the latest addition to the Portacool Jetstream series, is designed to deliver cooling up to 900 sq. ft. with 3,600 CFM, and offers maximum versatility in open or confined spaces.

Other features include Kuul Comfort MicroTech ™ evaporative media, oscillating louvers to help cool large areas, plus a large two-inch drain for easy cleaning and maintenance. Lifetime warranty on evaporative cooler housing against manufacturing defects; three-year warranty on electrical components. Visit Portacool at the SEMA Show, booth 10209 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. www.portacool.com.

The all-new Portacool Jetstream evaporative cooler stands just over four feet tall and is suitable for use in a variety of work spaces.


Keep Matte Paint Surfaces Looking New With Dr. Beasley’s Ceramic Coating

The all-new Matte Paint Pro Kit from Dr. Beasley’s has unique properties. Designed specifically for matte paint finishes, the coating flexes with each and every imperfection, so that the paint retains its muted sheen. When applied, the long-lasting product forms an elastomeric bond with the surface, creating a self-healing, super-hydrophobic nanostructure.  The kit includes Matte Paint Coating Pro, Matte Paint Coating Prep, Foam Block Applicator, suede cloths, and a pipette. wwwdrbeasleys.com.

Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Coating Pro Kit is a highly durable, self-healing ceramic coating for matte paint.


Viper Products Introduces Professional Flock Applicator

To create or restore the velvet-like texture known as flocking, often found on headliners, door panels, glove compartments and seats, interior specialists need a specialized tool. Enter Viper Products, which has introduced its Flock Pro Professional Applicator. The state-of-the-art velour flock applicator has a large opening, allowing for better flow. To resolve clogging issues, simply remove the applicator tip to adjust the flow. www.viperproducts.com.

Viper Products’ new professional flock applicator is designed to improve flow and resolve clogging issues.


Leno’s Garage Launches Easy-To-Use Spray Sealant

The newest auto-enhancement product from Jay Leno’s Garage Advanced Vehicle Care line is Radiant, a silica-based spray sealant that creates a hydrophobic coating.  The new spray sealant formula is more robust than wax. The silica-based sealant actually generates a curing property once applied to a vehicle surface.

To apply, mist a section with a few sprays, distributing Radiant across the entire section using a microfiber towel. Use a dry section of the towel to buff and shine.  Radiant takes 30-60 to cure and can provide up to three months of paint protection. Made in the U.S. and formulated by Leno and his team. Available in 16oz spray bottles and gallon containers. www.lenosgarage.com.

Radiant, the newest addition to Jay Leno’s Garage Advanced Vehicle Care lineup, is more robust than a wax, creating a long-lasting hydrophobic coating.


Car Lighting Catalog Covers Classic And Antique Marques

Lumileds, an automotive lighting solutions company, has just released its 300-page Philips Classic Car Lighting Catalog. Featuring 72 antique and classic makes, the catalog contains information on a full range of replacement lighting for domestic and import cars, SUVs, light trucks and vans from 1958-1999, including the latest offerings for interior and exterior applications, as well as a full complement of direct-replacement halogen and incandescent bulbs.

The new catalog includes light bulb replacements for an alphabet-soup of vehicles. The comprehensive content runs the gamut, from Acura, Bentley and Buick to Cadillac, Chrysler and DeLorean to Hyundai, Jaguar and Lamborghini to Maserati, Mazda and Mercury to Oldsmobile, Peugeot and Pontiac to Renault, Rover and Saturn to Studebaker, Toyota, Triumph and Yugo—plus just about every marque in between.

According to Jeff Burdzinski, Lumileds products application manager, “We have significantly expanded our domestic and import coverage for classic vehicles with the addition of 40 new pages of listings. We now offer a broader range of lighting solutions to fit our customers’ needs, many of them hard-to-find part numbers.”

Lumileds’ comprehensive catalog features lighting solutions for 72 classic and antique makes.

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