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RAGGTOPP Rolls Out Convertible Care Products

Atlanta, Georgia-based RAGGTOPP® is offering a professional-grade care package for fabric and vinyl convertible tops. The RAGGTOP Convertible Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner has been formulated exclusively for fabric and vinyl convertible and sport-utility tops. It safely removes tough stains, some mildew and leaves no residue, and will not harm or streak paint, rubber, plastic or metal automotive surfaces. Can be safely used to clean interior vinyl, carpet, rubber and plastic. The low PH-balanced, no-bleach, anti-oxident formula is biodegradable and nontoxic.

The professional-strength RAGGTOP Convertible Top Protectant has been formulated for exterior and interior commercial vinyl products. According to the company, the protectant contains no silicone, oils or petroleum distillates.. Patented formula repels grease, dust, dirt and mildew and offers protection against UV fading, cracking and hardening of vinyl products. Kit also includes RAGGTOPP™ HAARTZ® Premium Convertible Top Cleaning Brush, Zezo-Fiber ZAP® Cloth Advanced Cleaning Technology and 3 x Premium Plush Blue Microfiber Towel. www.wolfsteins.com.

RAGGTOP has developed a complete, professional-grade care package designed to clean and protect fabric and vinyl convertible tops and sport-utility tops.

Meguiar’s Debuts New High-Shine Dressing

Meguiar’s D170 Hyper Dressing is the newest addition to the company’s line of professional detailing products. The water-based formula delivers a high-shine finish and is safe and effective on non-painted plastic, rubber engine components, tires and wheel wells, as well as plastic and vinyl interior and exterior trim. The ready-to-use formula is pre-diluted and requires no mixing. Available in January 2020, the D170 Hyper Dressing is offered in 32-oz. and gallon containers. www.meguiars.com.

Get a high-shine finish on non-painted rubber, plastic and vinyl trim with Meguiar’s professional-grade 170 Hyper Dressing.

Clean And Protect Jeep Soft Tops With Bestop Vinyl Care Kit

Bestop®, a leading manufacturer of Jeep® soft tops and accessories, has developed a proprietary line of vinyl fabric and window-care products. The Bestop Vinyl Care Kit includes three, 16-oz. vinyl fabric, vinyl window care and protectant products designed to clean, maintain and protect the company’s Jeep soft tops. The Bestop Cleaner and Bestop Protectant were specially formulated for use on the company’s molded or soft accessories and exterior and interior vinyl trim, and should not be used on black or color twill fabrics.

According to Bestop, the shelf life for these products depends on storage temperatures. Under normal conditions (40° to 90° F), the product will perform for several years. Freezing temperatures and extreme heat, however, will affect the product. Bestop Cleaner can be frozen and thawed several times, but must be shaken well prior to use. www.bestop.com.

The Best Top Vinyl Car Kit includes everything needed to clean, maintain and protect the company’s soft tops.

Achieve Ultra-Slick Finish With Zaino’s Spray Seal

Zaino has expanded its lineup of auto enhancement products with the introduction of its Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal.  The spray sealant delivers a high-gloss, high-shine, thanks to advance optical-clarifying polymers. The high-concentration formula, which is easy to wipe on or wipe off, repels dust, acid rain and other stains, and contains anti-UV agents to protect a vehicle’s finish from damaging sun rays, according to the company.

Zaino recommends using the product in its original concentration for best results, but it may be diluted with distilled water, starting with a ratio of one part distilled water to two parts of Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal. www.zainostore.com.

Zaino’s high-concentration Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal delivers a show-car shine.

Coast To Coast Fender Trim Adds Style And Protection

High-polished stainless steel fender trim from Coast to Coast International adds both style and protection to vehicle fenders while hiding unsightly dings and dents. CCI fender trims are manufactured using high-polished 304-grade stainless steel and are contoured to fit specific fender-well applications. Installed using either no-drill wheel well clips or with supplied screws.

Model-specific applications available for a range of late- and current-model vehicles, including the Chevy Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe and Avalanche, Dodge Ram 1500/2500/35000, Ford F-150 and Super Duty, GMC Sierra, Lincoln Town Car and Toyota Tundra. www.coast2coastinternational.com.

For an easy upsell that will dress and protect customers’ vehicles, Coast to Coast International is now offering high-polished stainless steel fender trim for several new and late-model vehicles. Shown here, CCI’s Chevy Silverado Legacy fender trim.

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