Association Expands Global Outreach…

By Erin Reyes, IDA Communications Coordinator

The International Detailing Association (IDA) is expanding once again! At the end of April 2019, the organization announced the addition of its newest international chapter in India. This is the IDA’s fourth international chapter overall—joining the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Norway—and its first in Asia.

The formation of this chapter could not have come at a better time for the organization. Just this past January, the IDA formed the Chapter Development Committee in response to growing international interest. With Board Member Jason Rose, CD-SV, RT, at the helm, the committee’s purpose is two-fold:

  1. To assist in the formation of new chapters
  2. To support established chapters in achieving success

One of the committee’s inaugural goals is to add four new chapters by the end of the year. Now with India’s formation, the committee is already a quarter of the way there. (Considering the current level of buzz—with serious interest in ten detailing-heavy countries or regions, including Brazil, Colombia and Eastern Europe—the committee is well on its way to accomplishing this goal.)

The chapter’s formation is also coming at an important time for the detailing industry in India, which has begun increasing exponentially. To set themselves apart from the increasing competition within the rapidly growing yet highly unregulated market, professional detailers in India are looking for a support system to help establish standards and advanced skills. The structure and assistance provided by the IDA’s Chapter program can help with these efforts.

“By establishing a local chapter, we (will be able to) promote the success and growth of the detailing industry in India,” explained Anckur Sama, CD-SV, the founding president of the IDA India Chapter. Sama is CEO and founder of, one of the largest detailing distributors in India, so he understands the need for a well-integrated network to achieve success.

Along with Sama, the Chapter Board is rounded out by members Saurjya Mitra (vice president), Mohit Agrawal, Narendra Gulavani, CD; and Krishna Kumar. Although they are not currently serving on the board, members John Kumar, CD; Mohsin Khan and Prateek Singh Chauhan were also instrumental in the chapter’s formation.

One of the objectives of the IDA Chapter program is to provide support for members on a micro-level. Because markets, tools, terminology and needs differ by location, it is not realistic for the IDA to create a one-size-fits-all solution for member support. That is where the chapter program comes into play.

A chapter allows the detailing community within a specific area to discuss local issues and needs, and to get information tailored specifically to their market. While the IDA is an international organization and is looking to make the industry more standardized globally, efforts need to start on a local level, which is why the chapter program is so crucial.

Spreading the Word

Now that it has been successfully established, a top priority for the India Chapter is to bring awareness of its formation to the greater detailing community in India. Using a combination of digital communications and word of mouth, the chapter is aiming to get the news out to the many detailing professionals in India who may not yet be aware of the chapter—or even the association itself.

Though officially less than a month old, the chapter is already working on organizing an IDA Meet and Greet. This event is meant to spread awareness of the organization and provide a chance for members to meet face to face, and for nonmembers to learn about the benefits of joining the association and what it could mean for the success of their businesses and the industry in general. It is this level of proactiveness and enthusiasm from the India Chapter that will aid in its long-term success.

Over time, the chapter also hopes to increase the number of those holding the Certified Detailer designation in the country and “increase recognition of Certified Detailers,” according to Sama. There are thousands of detailers across India, so if even a fraction of these detailers earn their certification that would be a major benefit to the profession. The more people who are aware of the certification and understand its significance, the greater impact it can have on the industry.

At its core, the chapter shares the same goals as the organization at large. “In the long term, (we hope to) create credibility and improve the quality of work and share information and support with the community,” explained Sama.

The IDA currently has members in 56 countries and territories across the globe. If you’re interested in setting up a chapter in your country or region, please email to request a copy of the “How to Form a New IDA Chapter” packet. You can also find out more about the requirements and the process of forming a chapter by visiting our website at

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