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IDA Celebrates 10th Annual Appearance At Mobile Tech Expo








The International Detailing Association participated in its 10th annual Mobile Tech Expo (MTE), held in Orlando over the last weekend in January. The Show marked a decade of growth for the organization and the detailing industry.

The event began with IDA’s Annual Board Meeting and Retreat on January 25, where Justin Labato, CD-SV, RT, enthusiastically kicked off his yearlong term as the IDA president.

“I look forward to working with and for the industry,” Labato stated, “and to help push the IDA to become the standard for our craft. We are in a prime position to help legitimize our profession and to eliminate the uphill battle of consumers not recognizing the value in our services.”  Labato has made it one of his top presidential priorities to spread a positive awareness of the organization and detailing profession, not only within the automotive industry, but to the general population as well.

Several new board members were also inducted at the event: Bob Eichelberg; Seth Goss, CD-SV; Mark Johnson, CD-SV; and Bob Myers, CD-SV. The IDA is excited to see how these new leaders will help the organization continue to grow over the next few years.

Education Day, Friday, January 26, saw some of the top industry experts—including many seasoned IDA members—sharing their wealth of knowledge with fellow detailers. First-time MTE attendee, Chris Blaisdell, CD, found the educational offerings to be particularly valuable.

“I was really impressed with the spread of knowledge and experiences,” Blaisdell said. “The only thing I was disappointed about was that I could not be in two or three places at once to be a part of each class in the detailing category! If MTE was just Education Day, it would be worth the trip.”

But MTE is so much more than Education Day. Informational seminars continued Saturday with IDA member and keynote speaker Renny Doyle, CD-SV, RT, starting the day on a motivational high. According to attendees, the room was in full attendance for a “powerful” and “inspirational” address that kept audience members on the edge of their seats and sparked dialogue long after the talk had ended.

From there, showgoers had endless options: attending additional sessions, visiting exhibitor booths, or taking part in IDA Certified Detailer exams and Skills Validated testing. In total, the IDA welcomed 11 new Certified Detailers (CD) and 16 new Skills Validated (SV).

On Saturday afternoon, the first-ever IDA webinar held live from MTE was hosted by a panel of experienced detailers. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate and participate in the open forum—in person or online— and get instant feedback from speakers and each other.

To cap off an already successful Saturday, more than 150 IDA members and detailers convened that night for the IDA’s Annual Business Meeting, Awards Presentation, and Reception. Labato outlined the association’s goals for 2018 and outgoing board member Keith Duplessie, CD-SV, RT, gave an informative speech on the state of the industry. Before the networking reception began, the 2018 IDA Awards were presented to the year’s top detailing professionals. (See sidebar for details.)

All in all, IDA and its members had an amazing experience at Mobile Tech Expo 2018. Show veterans and newcomers alike could not speak more highly of their time at the Show, and at least one attendee even gained a new appreciation for the IDA. “Being at the expo with others in the detailing world and other members of the IDA,” Blaisdell said, “I really came to understand the vision of what the IDA stands for and what it is doing for the industry. I highly recommend attending Mobile Tech Expo in 2019. I know I’ll be there.”




One-On-One With Board Member Rob Schruefer


Rob Schruefer, CD-SV, RT, Owner, On The Spot Detailing, Columbia, MD

@BT: International Detailing Association: How long have you been on the IDA Board?

Rob Schruefer: I have been on the board since 2012, and I served as the president twice.

IDA: How did you become involved in the IDA?

RS: I was one of the first people outside of the board to complete and return the IDA certification tests. That prompted Jim (Lafeber), who was the president at the time, to reach out to me to see if I would be interested in doing something with the board. I agreed.

IDA: Why did you get involved with the IDA Board?

RS: I wanted to make a difference in the auto detailing industry. This is the industry that pays my bills and supports my family. I thought it was only right to contribute some of my time to improving it for all detailers.

IDA: How has your involvement with the IDA and specifically as a board member affected your business?

RS: The networking with other detailers and manufacturers has enabled me to stay on the cutting edge of the detailing world. I am able to keep up with new products and new innovations as they become available. I am also able to reach out to other detailers when I have a question, or when a situation arises that I have not handled before.

IDA: Can you make a statement on how activism in the industry has been positive and for whom?

RS: I think that the entire detailing industry has really changed over the last five years.  Detailers are more of a community now. They share ideas and seminars. It is a much more inclusive environment than it was a few years go. The new detailers coming into the industry are able to see the top names in detailing working together to help the industry grow. This creates an environment of friendship and community.


The IDA Awards program was developed to recognize individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the detailing profession and live up to the ideals indicated in the IDA Code of Ethics. Congratulations to all the well-deserving winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s awards program! For more information about the awards categories, eligibility, and past winners, visit

  • IDA Leadership Award: Michael Dickson, CD-SV, RT

Owner, Professional Detailing Products (Canton, Ohio)

  • IDA Outstanding Service Award: Renny Doyle, CD-SV, RT

Owner, Attention to Details, Big Bear Lake, Calif.)

  • IDA Detail Shop of the Year: TLC Auto Detail, Dulles, VA

Dave Miller, Owner

  • IDA Mobile Detailer of the Year: OnSite Details, Beaufort, SC

Greg Linacre, CD, Owner

  • IDA Detailer of the Year: Vincent Macri, CD-SV

Co-Owner, A1 Mobile Detailing, LLC, Trumbull, Conn.

  • IDA Detail Supplier of the Year: Solution Finish LLC, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Chris West, Founder/CEO














@CL: L to R: Sheryle Hazard, CAE, IDA executive director; Justin Labato, CD-SV, RT, 2018 president; Mike Dickson, CD-SV, RT; Vincent Macri, CD-SV; Greg Linacre, CD; Renny Doyle, CD SV, RT; Christ West; Dave Patterson, CD-SV, 2018 sponsor; Dan Baker, CD, treasurer. (Photo Credit: Prentice St. Clair, CD-SV, RT)














Love Your Detailer Day!

The International Detailing Association held its first annual Love Your Detailer Day on February 15, 2018. The event was organized by the IDA Membership Committee as a way to show pride and appreciation for a thriving industry and a growing professional association by sharing member accomplishments with the world.

Detailing professionals could participate in various ways, including updating their social media profile pictures with a “We Love IDA” graphic and sharing photos of their own member certificates, certifications, badges, patches, and awards. The effort aligned seamlessly with the mission of 2018 IDA President Justin Labato, CD-SV, RT, who has made it one of his primary goals to bring professional detailing to the attention of a wider audience and raise awareness for the standards, expertise, and professionalism of IDA members and certified detailers.


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