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Malco Expands Professional Tools Lineup

Malco Products, SBC has bolstered its line of professional tools for auto-repair technicians with the introduction of six different axial welding pliers. According to the company, each of the six axial welding pliers is designed to secure various types of joints, with the small profile and straight-line motion of the jaws making for fast, efficient work in tight, narrow and hard-to-access spaces.

The multi-purpose pliers are manufactured of forged steel construction and nickel plating to resist welding splatter. The axial welding pliers are available individually or as a six-piece kit in a grab-and-go hard-shell case. www.malcoproducts.com.

“Professional auto-body repair technicians know all too well the time-wasting frustration of trying to hold to pieces of metal together to weld perfect joints,” said Marketing Manager Nancy Gunnerson. “Malco’s axial welding pliers increase productivity and reduce that frustration with one hand.”

Malco’s axial welding pliers are designed to help technicians quickly and accurately hold two pieces of metal together with one hand.


Meguiar’s New Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is Spot-On

Meguiar’s® Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is the newest addition the company’s line of premium car-care products. The professional-strength carpet and upholstery cleaner delivers deep cleaning power to remove stains and odors. The fast-acting foam quickly breaks down stains and dries quickly without leaving behind a sticky residue.

Dual-purpose sprayer is well suited to spot and stain removal or for general cleaning. The Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner penetrates and dissolves stains for deep-down cleaning, leaving carpets and upholstery smelling fresh and looking like new. www.meguiars.com.

Meguiar’s specially formulated, professional-strength carpet and upholstery cleaner quickly penetrates and dissolves stains and permanently removes existing odors for a refreshing new-car scent.


Unleash the Power of Foam with Griot’s Tire Cleaner

Power away brake dust and road grime and strip away silicone residue with Griot’s Garage Foaming Tire Cleaner. Safe for use on whitewall and raised-white-lettered tires. To apply, spray on a thick layer of foam and allow to sizzle for three to five minutes. When foam takes on a brown hue, agitate if needed, rinse or wipe tire clean. www.griotsgarage.com.

Power away brake dust and road grime and strip away silicone residue with Griot’s Garage Foaming Tire Cleaner


Award-Winning Polyvance Tools Aid in Repairing Plastic Bumpers

Body shops and PDR techs can now turn dented bumpers into a profit center with Polyvance’s new 6148 Bumper Rollers kit. Instead of tossing out dented bumpers, thought to be unrepairable, technicians can use the Bumper Rollers to push out dents and restore sharp body lines common in today’s complex plastic bumper covers.

The Bumper Rollers kit,  which was recognized for innovation with a Global Media Award at the 2018 SEMA Show, consists of three heavy-duty rollers—one wide and flat, one ball shaped for rounded corners and one with a sharp edge for restoring body lines. To remove a dent, first use a heat gun to heat and soften the plastic. Once the area is too hot to touch, the dent is pushed out with the Bumper Rollers. The different rollers allow the tech to reestablish body lines of various shapes and to shrink the distortions around the edges of the original dent where the plastic was stretched.

The kit also has other uses. They can be used to remove dents from sheet metal and to press down adhesive sound-deadening pads on floor panels.  To learn more about the Bumper Rollers kits and view a video showing its many uses, visit www.polyvance.com.

Turn dented bumpers into a profit center with the new 6148 Bumper Rollers kit from Polyvance.


Go Rhino Unveils Next-Generation Sport Bar

The all-new, next-generation Sport Bar 2.0 from Go Rhino retains the classic sport bar look with an added modern twist.  Not only can the Sport Bar 2.0 be used in conjunction with most bed covers, it has an option for a power-actuated light mount that allows the lights to be hidden away when not in use.

The Sport Bar 2.0 mounts to the truck bed rails, includes removable side plates and is set up for LED light bars or up to five auxiliary lights. Available with textured black tubes and a power-actuated light mount or with polished stainless tubes and a fixed light mount. www.gorhino.com.

Go Rhino’s Sport Bar 2.0 retains the classic sport bar look with an added modern twist, including compatibility with most truck-bed covers and an optional power-activated light mount.


Autogeek Offers Environmentally Friendly Spray-on Paint Protection

Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray, an innovative formula now available from Autogeek, uses a blend of natural ingredients and advanced SiO2 technology, thereby combining both environmentally friendly ingredients with long-lasting, durable paint protection.

According to Autogeek, the extremely hard shell of protection provided by the Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 spray coats a vehicle with a lasting hydrophobic effect. Once the spray is applied, water simply beads up on the surface of the paint. The spray can also be used on glass surfaces to create intense water beading, helping to keep the windshield clear in inclement weather.  www.autogeek.net.

The Pinnacle Crystal SiO2 Spray, now in stock at Autogeek, combines nature and science to provide a lasting hydrophobic effect on vehicle paint and glass.

For best results, apply spray to clean and dry surface. Spray product onto a microfiber towel or directly onto the vehicle surface. Use an even motion, allow to haze, and use a second microfiber towel to buff.


Dawn Debuts Custom-Style Painted Moldings

Dawn Enterprises’ new painted body-side moldings add style, class and protection to the 2019 Dodge Ram 1500. Introduced in response to high demand for the company’s popular Custom Chrome Moldings, the all-new Custom Painted Moldings contour to the existing vehicle body lines, adding a stylish touch while offering an extra layer of protection against door dings, chips, unsightly scratches and other road hazards.

The new moldings are available painted, painted with a chrome insert or painted with a black or red insert. Moldings come complete with easy-to-follow instructions, Pro-Clean™ Prep Pads and PRO-Bond™ Adhesive Promoter. Moldings are made in the U.S., are covered by a lifetime warranty, and include a 100-percent paint-match guarantee. www.dawn-ent.com.

Dawn Enterprises’ new Custom Painted Moldings for the Ram 1500 contour to existing body lines, adding both a stylish touch and protection against door dings, chips, scratches and other road hazards. An opportunity to upsell a value-add product to your detail customers and create a new revenue stream.


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