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Car Earns Praise for Innovation…

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class was presented with the Game-Changer award at the carwow Car of the Year awards ceremony held recently in London. The mid-priced A-Class hatch is available with five economical engines. All models are equipped with twin seven-inch displays, including a central touchscreen with MBUX multimedia system featuring “Hey Mercedes” intelligent voice control.

In presenting the award, carwow officials praised the car for its innovative technology, interior comfort and low-running costs. “No car is more worthy of the carwow Game-Changer award than the new Mercedes A-Class. It’s desirable, good to drive and economical. But it’s the combination of cool interior design and unrivaled technology that really raises the bar for all cars regardless of the size or price,” said Mat Watson of carwow.

Mercedes A-Class hatch took top honors at the carwow Car of the Year awards ceremony, earning praise for innovative technology.



Road-Safety Organization Urges Drivers to Reduce Speeds…

Britain’s road-safety organization, GEM Motoring Assist, recently issued a series of simple tips for drivers to ensure they don’t exceed speed limits. According to GEM, this is a key part of reducing collisions and casualties—and helping drivers keep cash in their wallets by avoiding substantial penalties and higher insurance premiums.

“Research shows that reduced speeds mean few collisions and reduced severity of collisions,” said GEM Road Safety Officer Neil Worth. “For example, an overall 1mph reduction in speed results in an average five percent reduction in collisions.

GEM’s top safe-driving tips include:

  • Pay attention to the posted speed limit.
  • Plan ahead—leave early and there will be no reason to rush and speed.
  • Watch for clues that the speed limit may be about to change.
  • Check speedometer regularly, so you know your speed. Expert drivers also frequently scan side-view and rearview mirrors.
  • Be aware—there will be circumstances, such as heavy traffic or weather conditions, when it’s safer to drive below the speed limit.



Personalizing the McLaren Speedtail…

The lucky 106 deep-pocket enthusiasts who have reserved McLaren’s next Ultimate Series supercar, the McLaren Speedtail, are being offered the chance to add a unique finishing touch to their Hyper-GT by selecting from a range of optional finishes for their car’s badging.

The material finish that McLaren has chosen to exhibit first is a combination of 18-carat white gold and carbon-fiber inlays. The materials used represent of the innovative ways the Speedtail fuses extreme performance with science and art. To create the personalization options, McLaren has drawn ideas from high fashion, luxury yachts and high-end custom furniture.

The Speedtail is no ordinary car. Billed as the most well-appointed McLaren ever, the gas-electric hybrid boasts a top speed of more than 243mph, the mark set by the McLaren F1. Only 106 Speedtails—each to be sold at a whopping cost of more than $1 million—will be produced, mirroring the number of F1s sold in 1990s.

“As beautiful pieces of exquisitely hand-crafted jewelry, the white-gold badges perfectly set off a car that in every way represents a new gold standard for McLaren luxury,” said Rob Melville, McLaren automotive design director.

The sleek and sexy three-seat McLaren Speedtail boasts speeds of over 243mph and a huge price tag of $1 million-plus.

The Speedtail breaks new boundaries, not just through performance, but also in the level of customization, which includes personalized 18-carot white-gold badging.



First-Generation Insignia Receives Accolades…

As part of Auto Express’ annual Used Car Awards, the first-generation 2013 – 2017 Insignia was praised for its spaciousness, value for money and reliability. Judges also commended the range of affordable engine options available on the used-car market, and how residual values remain consistently high. The 2013 – 2017 models offer four gas and eight diesel powertrain options.

“The multi-award-winning Insignia is a popular choice on the used-car market for a reason. While the Insignia offers unrivaled value for money and excellent practicality, customer feedback shows that it’s also a perfect fit for customers who need a comfortable car,” stated Network Q’s Operations Director Derek Wilson, whose organization maintains an online Used Vehicle Locator to help customers search for the exact specification of car they are looking for from more than 300 retailers nationwide.

First-generation Insignia, honored with the Used Car Award from Auto Express, was chosen for its value for money, range of affordable engine options, comfort and practicality.



Trade Association Warns of Far-Reaching Consequences…

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has warned that the British government’s decision to cut the Plus-in Car Grant will have far-reaching consequences. According to SMMT, reducing the purchase incentive for zero-emissions vehicles by a third and by completely removing the grant for plug-in hybrids is totally at odds with the government’s ambition to be the world leader in the takeup of ultra-low emission vehicles as announced in its Road to Zero strategy.

Furthermore, giving manufacturers and consumers a maximum of one month’s notice with a cap on volumes will result in yet more distortion to a market already impacted by previous conflicting government policies, and put more pressure on industry, noted the trade group. Thanks to the plug-in car grant, zero-emission-capable plug-in hybrids have become increasingly popular, but at less than two percent, uptake is still quite small.

SMMT also noted long-term implications for consumer choice. The grant helped the UK become one of the European Union’s biggest markets for electrified vehicles. Removing the incentives not only impacts demand, it can impact supply as companies reallocate products to more supportive markets, which could mean a reduction in model choice for UK consumers.

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