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Product Information­­
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8:00am – 8:50am Detailers have a passion for what they do, and they can generate better than average profits if they’re smart. However, successful business people study their market and learn what else they can do to increase revenue and build greater profits.

 For example: Many hardware stores offer small engine repair services as their strategy for competing with the “big box”. Similarly, pool and spa companies offer maintenance services or even sell related products such as patio furniture, barbeques, etc.

 This session will show detailers how to find the additional revenue and profit opportunities that are out there, and how they can develop them. The art of asking your way to more business. The dance through the upsell. I clean cars/fix dents/repair windshields…how can I generate more revenue? The secret formula for profit strategy in accessory sales. Auto Dealers and other profit opportunities. How to market yourself into a brand identity.Building More Profit in a Business
presented by
Karl Stearns, KMS Marketing

Quality never costs money it makes money. Anyone starting a new detailing business needs a bare minimum of tools to get started. Mike Phillips from Autogeek presents his recommendations to get your business started out on the right path focusing on quality tools that won’t let you down.The Top 10 Must Have Tools For Starting and Running a Successsful Detailing Business
presented by
Mike Phillips,
  This seminar will focus on an introduction to the PDR world. This seminar will actually show you some of the techniques used to remove dents as well as focus on tips and ideas to help you get started or continue making progress in the PDR industryBeginning PDR
presented by
Tory Jenkins and
Leonard Cicchiello
Learn what your obligations are under the law, and how you can protect yourself and your business. Also learn how to hire staff, maximize employee work and minimize lost productivity, while providing competitive pay and benefits for your staff.Labor/Employee Management – Do’s and Don’ts of
Employing Staff.

presented by
Keith A. Duplessie, CD-SV, RT
Your future customers care more about what other people have to say on review sites about you than what you have to say in your marketing messages. Are you capitalizing on the right free and affordable resources to get more online reviews, phone calls, and new business? We will show you how to identify the right places to be listed online including the correct and latest information you need to know from Social Marketing experts. You will learn strategies for how to get more positive reviews online and how to respond to bad reviews. This will include social media sites as well as online Business Listing resources for class participants.Get Found and Chosen by Customers online (Fundamentals)
presented by
Robin Werling,
Paul Apollonia and
Martin Brossman
9:00am – 9:50am Getting you on the mind of your new customer. Getting them to act and to buy from you. Creating Irresistible sale pitches that they can’t ignore.How to Create Irresistible Sales Conversations
presented by
David Conigliaro and Gerald Debose
Detailing is habit driven, in this course we will show you ways of developing habits that make all aspects of detailing more efficient and increase quality of the finished product. We will cover implementing Standard Operating Procedures, tools to increase efficiency, techniques to save time, and philosophies that will change the way you look at a detail.

Employees can make or break you as you grow your detailing business. Learn how to make having employees a positive experience for both the employer and the employee. Detailing presents unique challenges that we will face head on and concur with style.

Ceramic Coatings are all the rage, learn how to approach customers with this high value service, what sales techniques work, which ones are gimmicks, when to sell a coating, and when not to sell a coating

This fun and fast seminar will dispel myths get you to think outside your can of wax and make your detailing business profitable. Together we will look a packages, customer favorites, proper pricing, how to really calculate your costs, and how to make detailing the profit center it can be. 1) Making Your Detailing More Efficient, 2) Hiring, Motivating, and Keeping Employees, 3) Selling Coatings, 4) Making Detailing Profitable
presented by
Yvan Lacroix, Optimum Polymer Technologies

The reconditioning process is a very important part used vehicle preparation. What many dealers and used vehicle managers fail to realize is how much more value a proper recon to a vehicle can bring to it and help it sell faster. The biggest complaint is always “we are not selling enough cars” and this is why at times dealers cut parts of the reconditioning down. The reconditioning that is done to each vehicle needs to build a lasting impression on the customer that will buy the car. When we as an industry perform a service to a vehicle we must align our goals with the dealer. We will discuss what the dealer and customer needs to understand about the work that is done to the vehicle so that customers are happier, the dealer client is more profitable and our services are always in demand.A Lasting Impression Through Interior Recon
presented by
Stan Sher,
Spot Ready Interior Recon
This seminar will focus on the skills and strategies to take you from the early PDR processes to the next level. Hail estimation and strategies will be discussed as well as maintaining a successful route. Moving into a retail sector will be discussed also. Intermediate PDR
presented by
Tory Jenkins and
Tommy Clayton
Detail professionals will offer marketing ideas that have worked for them in gaining new customers and retaining great customers.Marketing Success Stories from the Front Lines

presented by
Prentice St Clair, IDA CD-SV, RT

Brian Brown, CD-SV
The latest in the fundamental uses of Social Media for Mobile Techs and small business owners. This class shows you the utilities of Social Media including an introduction to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We will show you which social platforms to consider using and the best time slots based on your client base and new target customer. Just the Basics – Social Media for Mobile Techs (Fundamentals) presented by
Martin Brossman and Paul Apollonia
The RUPES BigFoot polishing system is designed around the principles of efficient polishing, saving time, consuming less product, and ultimately delivering superior results. This class will center on the BigFoot system components and how you can maximize the selection of tools, compounds, and pads to achieve better results in less time by reducing steps. New tools, pads and products introduced at SEMA in November will also be introduced and showcased. Faster Processes,
Superior Results, More Profit.
Maximizing the BigFoot System
for One-Step Corrections
presented by
Mike Phillips & Jason Rose,
10:00am – 10:50am This course will be about what public relations can do for professionals in the Mobile Recon Industry. Those who have worked in the industry for a few years may need to take the next step in furthering their business and career, and public relations fits right into that mold. This is an education-based course focused on how professionals in the industry can begin their communications efforts, effectively use social media to increase client sales and how to efficiently handle a crisis. Uproar PR has worked with clients in the transportation industry before and is passionate about helping its clients reach their goals. Public Relations and You
presented by
Brianna Hayes, Uproar PR
This class will separate the hype from reality when it comes to choosing and using the correct ceramic coating for your customer’s needs as well as the application and usage of their vehicles. Not every customer or every car benefits from a ceramic coating but it’s important to know when a coating is the best and the right match. Jeff and Mike will make it simple to choose and use the correct coating for every detailing project as well as how to educate your customers on the what, how and why for their needs and the needs of their cars.How to do both High Quality Production Detailing and Show Car Detailing
presented by
Mike Phillips, Auto
Bob Eichelberg, FLEX
Large dents can now be repaired using adhesive based techniques perfected in the Paintless Dent Repair industry. Specialized adhesives, larger unique tabs/glue pads and innovated lifting tools bring this ability to the realm of every dent technician. Jonathan Vandenfontyne will communicate the importance of preparation, glue pulling, and blending in the proper and professional repair of larger scale damage.Large Dent Repair Using Adhesive Collision Repair Techniques
presented by
Jonathan Vandenfontyne, KECO Body Repair Products
A hot topic in all of the collision industry, this seminar will focus on what the PDR technician may be missing by not performing Pre and Post scans on vehicles.Scan Tools for the PDR Tech
presented by
Mike Wahl
Most small businesses fail within the first 5 years. This is because most small business owners are prone to making a few common mistakes. In this presentation the speaker will go over some real life experiences in which he learned the hard way and what can be done to avoid making those same mistakes.Learn From Our Mistakes!
presented by
Vincent Macri CD-SV
Are your social media efforts leading to real business or not? Find out how to use these platforms to drive real revenue, enhance revenue retention and take into account the limited time as well as resources of a single person business or small team. (This class assumes you have a basic understanding of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.)
You will learn to:

• Identify your right target customers and repel your wrong customers
• Create content that potential customers will find that drives them to hire you via       Social Media.
• Establish and build an email campaign
• Collect email addresses
• Use Facebook Ad Manager Driving Business by Content Marketing and Paid Ads on Facebook (Part 1)

presented by
Robin Werling,
Paul Apollonia and
Martin Brossman

We will be showing and discussing a broad range of refinishing and repairing techniques for the leather and vinyl repair technician utilizing water-based coatings that are similar, yet different than typical coatings or “dyes” used in the Automotive reconditioning markets. Many technicians may be taking on leather furniture, aviation or marine seating, making a valiant effort but struggle to achieve the results they want because they do not know these types of products and techniques exist.Specialty Coatings
Beyond Automotive

presented by
Milt Barker and Jerry Davidian, Duramend
11:00am – 11:50am You may get all the proper forms and taxes completed on time. You probably have never had your business audited with regard to any of the forms or tax returns you have submitted. Yet, there are many things that you should know about the accounting aspect of your business. Your accountant may know most of them, but to make sure, both of you have to be ‘on the same page’. This session will share 14 key aspects of financial management that you should be aware of.Financials: What Your Accountant Isn’t Telling You presented by
Karl Stearns
Everything you ever wanted to know about Microfiber, Blends, Weaves, GSM. How you can make it work in your business and why premium Microfiber is a detailer’s best friend.Microfiber 101
presented by
Leviticus Gates, The Rag Company
Understanding how scientific principles involving the behavior of metal make the art of blending possible. Such principles include inertia, yield point of metal, cold-metal forming, and effect of vibration on metal. Simple illustrations and diagrams will be presented to make these principles easy to understand for even the non-scientific mind. Also debunking common misconceptions about blending.The Science Behind Blending presented by
Aaron Mathweson and
Perry Mathweson, Repair Pro
An annual discussion of our industry. Issues and advancements will be discussed with audience participation.State of the PDR Industrypresented by
the NAPDRT Board of Directors
Are your social media efforts leading to real business or not? Find out how to use these platforms to drive real revenue, enhance revenue retention and take into account the limited time as well as resources of a single person business or small team. (This class assumes you have a basic understanding of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.) You will learn to:

• Identify your right target customers and repel your wrong customers
• Create content that potential customers will find that drives them to hire you via       Social Media.
• Establish and build an email campaign
• Collect email addresses
• Use Facebook Ad ManagerDriving Business by Content Marketing and Paid Ads on Facebook (Part 2)

presented by
Robin Werling,
Paul Apollonia and
Martin Brossman

As mobile techs are striving to maximize the opportunity that they have with their current business, or just generate more customer base a question always arises. What additional services should I offer and which ones are right for me? We will demonstrate an effective approach to these questions by review statistical data and placing it into an ROI calculator exercise. In this class we will test the profit centers of Windshield Repair and Headlight Restoration, but the approach is effective to evaluating any new business line.Adding New Profit Centers
presented by
Aric Haarala, Owner and
Vice President of Glass Mechanix Solutions and Board Member of the National Windshield Repair Association

12:00pm – 1:00pm

1:00pm – 1:50pm We will explore the ins and outs of mobile invoicing.

 • Why it’s important
 • What you should consider
 • How it will improve your bottom line.

Ultimately we will share how mobile invoicing software can significantly impact your profitability, grow your business and help your sanity. It’s time. It’s More than
Just Mobile Invoicing

presented by
Jody Sedrick, RoadFS-Zenware

Mike Phillips from Autogeek shares his secret technique for becoming the recognized detailing expert in your home town to help you build a top tier customer base of affluent car owners to maximize and sustain your profits. This class shows anyone step-by-step how to reach out to the high profile car enthusiasts in every town and city, coordinate to put on a presentation for their club and establish yourself as a knowledgeable expert that can be trusted with their prize possessions. This demographic group of people tends to be affluent with more disposable income and prefer to do business with the best-in-class businesses at the top, not the bottom of market options. This is the clientele a detailer wants to go after and cultivate.How to Become the Recognized Detailing Expert In Your Hometown
presented by
Mike Phillips,
Mr. Vargo wll discuss the features and
benefits of HVLP (High Volume, Low
Pressure) Turbo Spray systems for the
mobile tech. Discussion will include spray
application tips, how to get 40% paint
savings, 80+% transfer efficiency, the best
results and increased thru-put using HVLP
Turbo Spray systems. All in attendance will
receive a coupon good for a FREE Needle &
Nozzle Kit (A $70 Value) with the purchase
of an Apollo Turbine Spray system.
Why HVLP Turbine Spray Technology Benefits Mobile Collision Repairs

presented by
Donald Vargo, Apollo Sprayers
Marine detailing is an often overlooked area in the detailing industry. Today’s presentation will help shed light on how boat detailing can be a great source of revenue by focusing on efficiency and upselling.Making Money with
Marine Detailing

presented by
Vincent Macri, CD-SV and
Parker Richards
Google offers an introductory level for small businesses to place paid ads online called Google Express. This class is perfect for a business that has a small geographical area, a small population, or just a few brands. We will show how to establish a Google My Business listing that populates in search results, reviews, and Google Maps. Find out your website’s health and speed, whether it is optimized for mobile, and how to submit all pages to search engines. Find out how to research and plan your campaigns with Keyword and Brand strategy, map out a geographical area, and how to set up your tracking dashboard.Fundamentals of Google adWords Express – To Drive Business
To You
presented by
Robin Werling,
Paul Apollonia and
Martin Brossman
presented by
Kurt Andress,
RM Andress & Associates
2:00pm – 2:50pm Learn to use eBay and other online venues to sell your used equipment that is taking up space in your shop, garage or storage unit. Maybe you have a product line and you are looking for an online site to sell on. eBay is a great platform for this. eBay has all the tools you need to get your items sold. In this seminar you will get an introduction to eBay including: using eBay on your mobile device; an overview of listing items; taking photos; pricing; shipping tips. We will also show you examples of equipment that is selling on eBay.Sell Your Used Equipment, Old Stock or Product Line on eBay and Other Online Venues
presented by
Paul Apollonia &
Martin Brossman
This class goes over the two primary types of exterior car detailing and one-step production detailing and/or multiple step show car detailing. When running a detailing business you need to have the knowledge and skill sets to offer both types of detailing in your business model in order to cater to the wide spectrum of customers’ needs and the various types of cars they own.The Benefits of Coatings for Your Customers and your Business
presented by
Mike Phillips and
Jeff McEachran, GYEON Quartz USA
Building the Case for Pre-Scan/Post-Scan. Why, When, What Do I Need to Do It.
presented by
David Pinto, PDR Nation and
Mike Wahl, NAPDRT.
This will be a panel discussion that traces the evolution of the automotive coating market which includes the claims, chemistry and warranties.Coating Revisted: What’s the Latest Trends?
Thomas Palancia CD, SV, RT;
Renny Doyle, CD-SV, RT;
Eric Joseph
When consumers are searching online for cleaning and restoration professionals in your area, does your business show up? Whether potential customers are evaluating a new provider or are following up on a referral from a friend, it’s imperative that you stand out and shine.

Learn how you can bolster your business’s online presence to attract new customers and create a new revenue stream.
In this session, we’ll discuss:

• How Google tracks customer actions and visits to your pages

• Which online review platforms matter most to local consumers

• How to generate five-star feedback for your business on Google, Yelp, and Facebook

• Best practices for modern websites to drive more leads.

Attendees will learn how to use free tools to take control of and improve your business’s online pages, and learn customer follow-up strategies that can be applied immediately.
Get Five-Star Reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook

presented by
Laura Nelson,

Cybercomm Helps
Your Mobile Apps

presented by
Denis Everett
3:00pm – 3:50pm This will be a continuation of the intro seminar. We will look at what you can sell, and even buy and resell for huge profits. You have a built in niche and you may not even realize it. We will give you tips and tricks on getting your items to the top of the search on eBay and other venues. You will learn how to use social media to promote your items, and receive additional tips for promotion, shipping and creating listings that sell!Advanced Selling Online
(eBay and Other Online Venues) Part 1

presented by
Paul Apollonia, Martin Brossman
This class will share the history of car detailing tools. This will include tools used in the early days of detailing to the tools currently being offered in the industry and a glimpse of the tools that will be availing in the near future.Polishing Technology Primer: Old and New Technology Reviewed and New Trendspresented by
Mike Phillips, CD-SV, RT
Emerging Technology and the Liability of Working on Today’s Vehicles. What Changes Have Taken Place?
presented by
David Pinto, PDR Nation
This class will go over how to identify and create additional revenue channels for your business. We’ll talk through how to find and evaluate incremental sales opportunities that fit your business model.

1. Identify additional revenue channels
2. How to incorporate these channels into your business
Identifying and Creating Additional Revenue Opportunities for your Business

presented by
Seth R. Glauberman

Websites and Marketing Strategies – Grow your Business

presented by
Dave Streen, Gene Fetty, Justin Leckie, and Derek Stana
During this course we will review the essential tools need to run a successful automotive reconditioning business. Including basic business operations, as well as more advanced multiple technician operations.Essential Software Tools for Your Mobile Auto Recon Business presented by
Automobile Technologies
4:00pm – 4:50pm This will be a continuation of the intro seminar. We will look at what you can sell, and even buy and resell for huge profits. You have a built in niche and you may not even realize it. We will give you tips and tricks on getting your items to the top of the search on eBay and other venues. You will learn how to use social media to promote your items, and receive additional tips for promotion, shipping and creating listings that sell!Advanced Selling Online
(eBay and Other Online Venues) Part 2

presented by
Paul Apollonia, Martin Brossman
(1) Overview of the three major polisher movements that represent all paint polishing tools available. (2) RUPES innovative design and benefits of the expanded BigFoot Polishing Systems family. (2) Performance comparisons and guidance to questions like “which polisher type should I use?”, “Why would I use a RUPES BigFoot tool over other tools?”, and “What conditions make one polisher type better than another?” BigFoot Unleashed: Engineering 3 Movements for Best-In-Class Paint Polishing
presented by
Todd Helme and Jason Rose, RUPES USA
A follow-up discussion on the changing environment in the automotive service industry and ways to succeed.Developing a Business Model for a Changing Environment
presented by
David Pinto, PDR Nation
  The goal of this presentation is create a better understand of what should be included in a training manual for employees. This will include content, layout, pictures, and procedures.Creating a Training Manual –
An Employer’s Map to Successful Employees

presented by
Rob Schruefer, CD-SV RT
Different types of stains require different chemistry to permanently remove them. If you only use one type of cleaner you’re missing the mark half the time or, worse, actually setting the stain. This seminar helps you identify stains and select the correct product – the correct chemisty – to effectively and permanently remove them. Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
presented by
Darin Pereira, Meguiar’s
The Vehicle Inspection App is the electronic version of Mike Phillips’ paper Vehicle Inspection form. This digital inspection form removes the paper from the process while providing multiple benefits besides protecting you and your business by identifying pre-existing issues inside and outside of the vehicle. Benefits include, doing inspections to protect yourself, doing estimates, documenting pre-existing issues with your cell phone or tablet camera, emailing your customer a copy of the work order, the ability to re-connect with customers, review past work orders and shop online.How to use the AutoGeek Vehicle Inspection App
and Form
presented by
Mike Phillips
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